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Hi there :smile2:,
I just bought this nice beast ZZR600 from 2001, what a machine :grin:.
But I need a little help.
I am having some issues with the headlights, I've noticed they sometimes stop working, both low and high beam(the cluster indicator works fine), position light always works though. Seems odd to me that the culprit are the bulbs, as both beams stop working on the same time.
Read about the headlight relays, there should be 2 of them in the front under the cluster.
Today I've checked this, and to my surprise, found NONE relays in the front. But the wiring looked absolutely fine.
Also took a look under the seat in the junction box, all fuses are fine.
Only found a relay to the right of the seat, near the coolant reservoir, but doesn't look like the correct one, more like for the side indicators.
I don't know if there's a difference in these ZZR models, some might have these relays in the front, but what about the others???

Thanks a lot,


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