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fuzzy said:
help everyone, im stuck and need everyone's honest opinon. i own a 95zx7. love it. lI love the way it looks handles, etc. Recently bout 4 months ago bought a 2004 zx636. love the way it handles, but really dont care much for the looks. the dealer had three brand new zx 7's from 2002 that he never sold. brand new. except the newer zx636 was cheaper because of rebates and financing. so my question is which bike is better as far as handling performance. would i be missing much if i decided to get the older but brand new zx 7? or stick with newer technology? dont care that the zx7 is older and harder to wheelie. your thoughts?????? I love the way the zx7 looks , always stands out just like the new zx636 but just dont like the way it looks. helllllllp

Take a guess... :)
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