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ZX6 Mirror Mod

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Hey guys!

I'm new here, registered just to bother someone more knowledgeable than myself :D
The problem I'm having is self causedso to speak. I've rebuilt my ZX6R '02 to be more on the touring side. Now I got a problem with the stock mirrors. Simply I can't se shit in them since the riding position (and the viewpoint with it) has been heavily altered.

I know I got a few options such as bar-end mirrors or clip on mirrors that would go on the handlebar itself. But first I'd like to ask you guys if someone came across this problem before and figured out a solution? I was thinking about getting a pair of mirrors from an already touring-built bike such as a Z1000SX and bolt those one. Anyone has any experience with mirror swaps? What would fit on the bike itself? I tried 3D printing mirror extenders but even with a 55mm extender the view is still crap.

Thanks in advance

Ps.: Some pics of the current state are attached
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