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Zx-10r Recall!!!!!!!!!!

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July 30 2004
ZX-10R recall warning
Kawasaki is recalling the ZX-10R and advising owners NOT TO RIDE until they have had their front wheels replaced.
The firm says only three front wheels have been reported as defective, globally, but, "for the reassurance of customers we have decided to replace all front wheels, regardless of their condition, free of charge."
The statement from Kawasaki continues: "We are instructing customers not to use their motorcycle until the front wheel is replaced. We expect the majority of machines retailed in Europe to be modified by early September."
The firm says there is the possibility of loan bikes in "special circumstances".
ZX-10R owners should contact their dealers immediately. SEE
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Well, that sucks. I'd be pissed.
Like any decent maker of m/cs they have spotted a minor or possibly flaw & made it a factory recall. I consider that a good move.

My '00 Honda CB-929 had two recalls & both done at the same time. They also spotted a problem in the '02 954 had it corrected & so corrected in '03 bikes.

Yamaha have had similiar problems as have Suzuki. In many cases the cages do not put out recalls & the buyers finds out about it to late or to late to have the word done.
good looking out for other riders much props...its nice to see a company that actually gives a shit about their riders...
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