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You're thoughts on today?

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Today I head from the ATL to Chicago with my best buds for a weekend of bachelor party fun (I'm the one getting married).

Lots of :alky

Maybe :spank ?

And of course telling everyone :flipa while :headbang

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any reason why Chicago???? I would think for a bachelor party maybe Vegas or Miami... but Chicago????? Either way I'm sure it will be fun!!!
fuckin work just wont end!!! leaving tonight for a week in florida with some friends. lots of drinking as my one bud is turning 21 :alky :cheers prob hit up some titty bars too :2fingers
JESTER600 said:
fuckin work just wont end!!! leaving tonight for a week in florida with some friends. lots of drinking as my one bud is turning 21 :alky :cheers prob hit up some titty bars too :2fingers
When and where? :dblthumb
Doin the bachelor party thing this weekend myself I'm not the stupid one though, my buddy's the one throwing his life away. If you make it out to Chicago tonight check out the Masks & Thongs party downtown :alky
Today was good so far, got 6 hours of OT while watching jockeys train with their horses for races. Then I rode for like 3 hours after work. Tonight going to the movies then trying to get sleep early because I gotta work a 24 tomorrow.
Chicago because they wanna check out that bar that Stifler dances at in American Wedding :flipa
I spent the morning at Flowers baking company in Jamestown NC doing a client evaluation

They needed a ventilation system to evacuate the heat generated by their bread ovens

YA THINK (see pic below)

Needless to say after spending 2 hours in there I'm STILL SOAKED 3 hrs later

my day has SUCKED so far and I smell like sweat and bread :spank


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Jesus, who needs an oven when the temp is that hot inside the building?
I have been partnering with local colleges for a new internship program I created...many more hours of meeting to come. And it is Belle Chere Weekend in Asheville.
some friends and I had a bachelor party for a buddy just a few weekends ago in Indianapolis (yeah, i know, lamer than Chicago...and definately lamer than Vegas) and the girls at the strip club whipped him so bad that he said his ass was black and blue and he was sitting on a pillow the next day. I remember one of the girls asking me for my belt to whip him with...i told her no way.

i've seen this countless times. why are they so mean? :lol
Just pissing another day away here, gotta love summer vacation from college.
hmm lets see, I worked, yelled at ppl on my job sites (which is always fun :D) and tonight, gonna do the ice cream bit on the bike... gee how damn exciting is my life?? :cry
Because in Chicago there is a strip club called the skybox. It is $10 cover, totally nude, and free wells all night long. Did I say free, free, wells all night long. How can you not love that.
My day.... damn.... was it long. I was up till two last night/this morning. Got up at 6:30 to go to work :barf . Work dragged on horribly. I'm still need to go and get some new clothes tonight too. BUT on the positive side. ... I didn't die. :headbang
Lets I woke up at 5:45, showered, went to work....drove around a truck filled with jet fuel, emptied it and refilled it a couple times, got to see some pretty cool RAF Jaguars (not the most high tech planes, but something different to look at than F-16's). Sweat my ass off on the flightline all day, came home, and started prepping the bike for this weekend at the track. So it started bad, and ended in a headache, time for bed.....
I've been chilling at work selling motorcycle parts, checking on SBN, and I'll be on a plane to Tampa before nightfall! Life is good! :headbang
I have my bachelor party in Vegas in about 3 weeks!!!
I just woke up.

To bad you didn't ask about yesterday.
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