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This thread is intended for SBN members to post a resume and/or personal biography about their own personal race track related experience and future track related goals. The reason for this is to provide background about those of us participating in the 'On The Track' section of SBN. :)

If you want to comment about someones experience, or make any other post that is not an actual resume or biography, don't do it in this thread because I will remove it! If you have something you want to say about someones resume send them a personal message or start another topic so we can keep this thread strictly for resume's!

There's already a thread elsewhere on SBN for anyone to post a general profile, that's not the intent of this thread, the focus here is about your experiences related to race tracks. If you want to give other info that contributed to your experience and how it helped you when it comes to being on a race track, then go for it (if you want to include any type of cross training you do that helps you when you get on a race track, that's fine too). A list of the tracks you've been on (even different configurations of a specific track) would be a great bit of info to include.

This is for anything from Track Days, to Practice, to actual Racing. It doesn't matter if it was on a Road Course, Drag Strip, Off-Road, or whatever? Though I would definitely like for people to include motorcycles, that's not going to be the sole focus here because I'm a firm believer that other forms of experience are valuable when it comes to being on a race track. If you had non-motorcycle experience (preferably on a track or racing, but it doesn't have to be), include that as well, it could be Bicycles, ATV's, Watercraft, Car's, or etc.

I encourage everyone with track experience to contribute, it doesn't matter if you've only done 1 Track Day or did a couple passes at the local Drag Strip. As your experience changes you can easily go back and updated/modify your info by using the 'edit' button at the bottom of your original post, this way all your info is collected in one place and not scattered throughout the entire thread.

Enjoy! :)

Roadracer since '96
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Because I'm the Moderator here in the 'On The Track' section of SBN I get asked alot of questions concerning my upbringing and experiences relating to motorcycles and racing, for that reason I'm going to give a fairly long description of who I am and my experiences.

My journey into powersports and eventual racing started when I was in grade school and got my 1st ATV (3-wheeler), then progressed on to 2 more increasingly powerful ones as I got a little older. The great thing specific to 3-wheelers is that in order to ride them hard they have to be treated a lot more like a motorcycle, if your not leaning to the inside when turning hard your going to learn about high-siding. This is also where I learned all about throttle control, getting the rear tires spinning and being able to do seemingly endless drifting right at the razors edge of control was a blast and great learning experience that eventually became very useful when I got into racing. Another great benefit of having ATV's was that I did all kinds of work on them, from minor stuff to major engine modification in my last one - again that translated into an excellent base of experience and knowledge for later on with motorcycles.

In high school I built my 1st car engine and had to do some fabrication to get it into a vehicle it wasn't designed for, more great experience. After High School I began my 4 year 10,000 hour long Tool & Die Maker apprenticeship combined with some evening College courses and started earning a really good income very soon out of High School. Earning a good income let me get into newer sports cars, 1st with a late model Trans Am, then a 2 year old Corvette when I was 20 years old - I quickly found out everyone on the planet thinks they have to race you when you have a Corvette (and yes I did indeed do my share of it). I had done massive amounts of very competitive riding with my friends on ATV's, but actual racing was different and it got into my blood. As I was into sports cars my brother was into Muscle cars (60's & 70's), this led to him Drag Racing at the local Drag Strip with his street cars. I was often times involved with him in building up his cars for the strip, from modifying/building engines to setting up the cars suspension and welding in roll cages (his current car is a 68 Camaro, has apx 1100 Hp, and does the 1/4 in the 9.0 - 9.1 range). Being involved thru my brother with the Drag Racing community was my 1st real participation with organized racing.

At 20 years old (1990) I got my 1st motorcycle, a 1986 Ninja 900R. From that point I bought a nice collection of brand new powersports vehicles, starting the next year by replacing my bike with a '91 ZX11 and then buying a Kawasaki 750SX Jet-Ski (stand-up only) and 750cc Yamaha V-Max 4 snowmobile. What I found was that skills I learned with ATV's, Snowmobiles, Jet-SKi's, and Motorcycles all seemed to compliment riding the others - for example the significance of my bodies influence on the handling of whichever vehicle I was riding.

I believe it was 1993 or 1994 when I 1st went to a motorcycle road race, that was the AMA races at Road America. The friend that I went with told me during that event that (unknown to me) there was a road race track on the other side of the county we lived in, that track was Blackhawk Farms Raceway (BFR) - I immediately started going to most of the CCS motorcycle races there as a spectator. Then in the middle of 1995 I happened to notice a flier from Learning Curves (racer licensing school) at BFR stating that it was easy to start racing, so I bought a Honda 600 F2 that had some road rash, prepped it for the track, then did the school at the last CCS race that season and got my certificate so I could buy a race license. Since I was one of the fast guys in my class I thought I should step up to a b***** bike, so over the winter I bought a brand new 1996 GSXR 750, prepped it for the track, then started racing as an Amateur in 1996.

The 1st year I raced I intentionally started my races from the back of the grid. Why? Because at my very 1st race I thought I was going to be a front runner (based on how I did at the school) so I pre-entered and got on the front row of the grid (even though I had only been on a race track that 1 day that I did my race licensing school). I went from starting at the front to getting passed by probably 1/2 the grid in the 1st couple turns and ending up at the back of the pack by the end of the race. What I found was that by starting at the back of the grid I was passing increasingly faster (and more difficult to pass) racers during the races, I also didn't have to worry about getting mowed over in Turn 1 at the start of the race. This was incredibly valuable because it helped me focus my 1st year of racing on learning how to pass a very wide selection of racers, from slow to fast to racers with both unpredictable and predictable race lines. In my 2nd season as an Amateur I switched to pre-entering my races and started from the front, generally always finishing in the Top 10 and usually Top 5 (lots of 2nd places, but no wins). I went Expert in 1998 and was immediately finishing Top 5 at my very 1st race event at Heartland Park, lots of great racing for me in 1998 and 1999, but then the charging of all my expenses had caught up to me and life became a financial Hell. In the last decade I've raced quite a bit but I also missed a couple seasons too, the 1st was due to massive debt, the 2009 season was to start my own business.

I've raced at every Road Course I've ever been to, here's a list of all the tracks and the various configurations I've been on since I started racing in 1996:

Barber Motorsports Park
Blackhawk Farms Raceway
Brainerd International Raceway
(original full course configuration)
(traditional and AMA configurations)
(current & previous 1st Horseshoe)
(current & previous chicane on back straight)
Gateway International Speedway
(clockwise configuration)
Heartland Park
(Drag Strip as front straight, left hand Turn 1)
(original hot-pit road blending on to Drag Strip as front straight, left hand turn 1)
(extended original hot-pit road as front straight, left hand turn 1)
(extended original hot-pit road as front straight, right hand turn 1 - GP course)
Mid-America Motorplex
Putnam Park
Road America
(previously used 'kink')
(currently used 'bend')
(before & after Billy Mitchell Bridge removal)

Cheap Bastid
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Here's a quick run-down of everything track related.

Track days:
Tony's Track Days:
Aug 2004 to present, 8-12 per year at NHMS and NJMP.

2006-2009, Tony's Track Days Control Rider and Instructor.
2010-present, Tony's Track Days Assistant Chief Instructor.

Spring of 2005 through Spring of 2008, 2-3 days per year at VIR North and South.​

March 2006, Cornerspeed Level 1 race school.
2006 to present, Loudon Road Racing Series (CCS/ASRA).

4/2006 to 10/2006, Novice.
10/2006 to 10/2009, Amateur.
4/2009 to present. Expert.

Recent accomplishments:
3th place overall LRRS Expert LWSB Championship
3rd place, overall LRRS Expert LWSS Championship
Best lap around NHMS - 1:16.5
Best lap around NJMP Tbolt - 1:34.2​

See attached for a more in-depth but out-dated racing resume including top 5 finishes from '06-'08.
Last updated 01/09.


Live to ride
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First Track Day
Motorsports Park Hastings w/Trackaddix
Six months later I joined NESBA and did 2 Track weekends at Midamerica Motorplex and 2 Track weekends at Motorsports Park Hastings.
I crashed in turn 1 Twice in one weekend at MPH, a month later I battled MPH and got my bump from "B" to "I".
Continue doing track days this year with NESBA(if they would get their damn schedule posted), maybe hit up Road America. I took on a new job that is more pay, but i no longer have weekends off. If i get to "A" this summer, I will be looking at doing some racing in 2011.
I also will go to Yamaha School of Champions sometime this year.

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April 1986- Penguin Roadracing School
1986- AAMRR Novice Production and Modified Production (Yamaha RD400)
3 race wins​
1987- AAMRR Amateur Production and Modified Production
2 race wins​

2000- Loudon Road Race Series (LRRS)- Return to roadracing as a novice on the same RD400
a season to forget​
2003- LRRS- Novice on a Muz660 Scorpion
Won LW Sportsman "Championship" with several race wins​
Won UL Superbike "Championship" with a few race wins​
2004- LRRS- Amateur
2005- LRRS Expert

Track Days
2000 to present- Chief Instructor for Tony's Track Days
Hundreds of track days, some with other organizations​
Tracks ridden:
Loudon, NH (Old and new tracks)
New Jersey Motorsports Park
Virginia Int Raceway
Watkins Glen

1990 to 1995- Motorcycle drag racing, Lebanon Valley, NY

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3 trackdays at blackhawk.

Half of one at Road America

A group trackday. Going to do my first race this weekend at road america. Can't wait.

Edit: forgot I did a trackday at Putnam as well :)

Now up to two race weekends.

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I've done 15 track days since last July, and now ride at a slow, but nonetheless, advance group pace. Tentative race licensing in August.

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I've been track riding since 2006 and do 12+ trackdays a year. I'll read anything and everything I can find about track riding, and coach riders whenever I can.

Tracks I've ridden:
Firebird West
Firebird East
Firebird Main
Inde Motorsports Park
Chuckwalla CW
Chuckwalla CCW
Streets of Willow
Las Vegas Motor Speedway Classic Course
Auto Club Speedway
Spring Mountain Ranch
Arroyo Seco Raceway CCW
Arizona Motorsports Park

California Superbike School levels 1-4
Pridmore STAR Motorcycle School

Organization involvement:
Cornerworker for TI2TT
Corner worker for Trackdaz
Crash truck for Trackdaz
Control rider for TI2TT
Crash truck for Revolution Trackdays

2014 ASMA #58 Amateur

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Not much of resume for me; incredibly unimpressive.

I started with a single track day in 1999. I was hooked. In 2000, I did four track days, getting bumped into the advanced group at the end of the year.

In 2001, started racing. My friends and I wanted to endurance race. Spent a lot of money, didn't get much out of it.

2002, pretty much paid off 2001 debts.

2003, entered about six sprint races. Between mechanicals and crashes, I finished two. They were a hard fought third and a first that wasn't worth getting the plaque. I ended the season with a good crash.

2004, spent most of the season a bit gun-shy from crashing. Finally got back to feeling well. High-sided on what was going to be my next-to-last lap of the season.

2005-2007, bought an R6 that wasn't set up well. Lap times were growing. Mostly did track days at this point; not many, three-four a year.

2008, bought an SV. Didn't race much. I did get a second and a fourth out of four races I entered. Things were at least going the right direction. A big part of the change for me was going to American Supercamp and riding with George from TPM. I finally gave up trying to listen to all the wonderful Internet advice and I just rode.

2009, lots of fourth and fifth place finishes, but mostly hampered by not being able to make decisive passes.

2010, good and bad. Old age and not being a specimen of health caught up to me. Highlights were at the Novice class at Loudon; two firsts and a second out of three races entered that weekend. Though my lap times improved at Summit; didn't break into the top three there.

2011, the year of the mechanic. I finally had a good bike, now I have to fix it. My first weekend was plagued with mechanicals and learning how to ride the bike. Craig West really helped a ton with that!!! I started racing at NJMP as well. My last race, I finally felt like I was able to put the track together. I finished off with a couple of second places and a win at Summit, out of five races finished.

2012, hopefully I continue in the right direction. If the money is there, I'm hoping to try Daytona this year, but honestly it's more wishful thinking than a belief that'll it'll happen.

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New to this site but plan to keep an eye on this forum.
Brief highlights

1994 - Began racing XJ600 Seca II - Yamaha paid a bunch of money to novices, good racing and learned a great deal
1995 - Was able to stay novice, won 3 regional WERA championships, blew motor at nationals, finished 4th D superbike at GNF on borrow bike with 5 laps total practice. Also competed in every WERA endurace round aboard a F2 in middleweight superbike. Finished 2nd overall
1996 & 1997 - only raced a few club events recovering from all the money spent in 95 chasing championship and traveling all across country.
1998 - Stepped up to 98 GSXR 750 for AMA. Raced Superstock and formula extreme in rounds not too far away.
1999 - Raced Daytona 200 and began racing AMA superbike, superstock, and formula extreme in a few rounds, earned national number in all 3 classes
2000-2003 - Raced some club and a few AMA events, racing was starting to lose out to my two kids, one born in 96 & 2nd in 2001.
2003- had nasty crash in New Orleans at no problem raceway, took a while to repair bike. Got bike back together for Mid-Ohio but failed to qualify for all 3 classes. I planned to retire after that race but my head was already out of the game... I guess I wanted to live too much. :)
2004 - Attended a trackday with a couple friends who actively club race and one who races AMA, by last session I won the trackday... yes you can win when you tell your buddies they will not pass you before the session begins and hold your word... :)

Now I enjoy watching racing and rooting for those guys I used to rub elbows with and sport touring to the mountains :)

Tracks i've raced that come to mind..
Putnam, IRP, Grattan, Gingerman, Brainerd, Elkhart Lake, Summit Pointe, Mid-Ohio, Nelson Ledges, Daytona, Texas World, Talledega, Portland, Road Atlanta, Gateway, and the track in TN name eludes me...

Motorcycles I have raced (not owned all)
3X - FZR 400, 94 XJ600 Seca II, 1994 CBR600F2, 96 Zx600R, 07 GSXR 600, 98 GSXR 750, 00 GSXR 750 my last racebike. Kept my favorites XJ600 & 98 750

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Started riding the track in late 2009 and am now at about 100 track days experience and maybe 15 races.

Tracks ridden: NJMP thunderbolt, NJMP lightning, Summit Point Main, Summit Point Shennandoah, BeaverRun, Vir North, NCCAR

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First track day: 2001 at Spokane, Triumph TT600.
Continuous track days 2002 through 2005 at Spokane and Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. Triumph TT600
More track days in 2006 and 2007 on a Daytona 675.
Novice race year 2008 on a GSXR 600 that I hated and it hated me. Crashed four times very heavily. Crashing sucks. Races at Spokane and Pacific, track days at both and at Thunder Hill and Portland.
Switched to an SV650 race bike mid-season 2008.
Tried Supermotard racing in 2009 on Mad Max the Husqvarna. Fell off a bunch of times and got up laughing each time. Dirt is a blast.
Kid went to college in 2009, economy fell off the edge of the earth, and my track career is on hiatus. Started one endurance race in 2010, but blew a freeze plug in a corner with exciting results.
2013 should see the first track days to get back into it with the goal of racing again in 2014.
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