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In the mid 1980's on the way to a rallie on a dirt road 50kms from the closest town and 140kms to the nearest motorcycle shop my GS1000ST's chain broke.

With help from a friend we used a piece of a farmers wire fence to join the missing link and another piece to form a kind of a large looped circlip.

In order to bash this all tight we used the head of a bolt found on a small bridge crossing a creek to hold the link in place while we bashed it with a tent peg hammer.

This in turn ment the whole swingarm had to be removed to loop the chain back in place and the swingarm re mounted.

The bike made it that afternoon to the rallie where a good time was had by all.

Next day being a sunday we started back slowly and with a couple of friends going slow with me we made it all the way back to Melboune and home, a distance of around 300 kms with this "by the side of the road repair"

This would be my best case repair :)

Early 1990's on the way to another rallie two up on my 400/4 Super Sports rocket, when the beast dies. I discover after much head banging that the tank is rusting inside and the the fuel cock is clogging up with crap.

We arrive at the rallie site about 7kms - 3hrs later with about 8 stops to clean the cock. Sadly the next day saw us take half the day to get to a petrol station where we flushed the tank out and begun heading home 250kms with about 6 stops to clean out the cock, Even after the very good cleanout at the petrol station the tank was still ozzing rust.

A new one was found at a wreakers and today the bike is still running fine with a another owner.

My worst case repair, but i still got myself home :)


Let us knows yours??????

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Mine was actually with the FZ6. No MacGuyver episode like yours, but here it goes:

It was my first time adjusting the chain. So I tighten everything up, trying to be perfect on each adjuster, I finish, and I'm off onto the highway to ride.

I must've gone through at least 20 miles on the highway and on my way home, on the off-ramp, I notice a strange sound coming from my bike. I stopped, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary so I kept going. I'm rolling along and I still hear it, so I get off, use my emergency hazards ( very handy ), and investigate the matter a little deeper.

The front looked good, but lo-and-behold!!! One of the end plates from the swingarm was dangling. It scraped up my rear rotor a bit, nothing too bad, and the other plate was almost on the verge of dangling as well.

I had to take evasive action! I put her up on the centerstand ( very, very, very handy ), used the tool kit and tightened everything back up. I drove to a local Home Depot and picked up some lock washers to put in between the two nuts. I didn't know it at the time that there was a certain way to lock them in place using both wrenches.

Odd though, in the manual it says to use lock nuts on them...

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A couple years ago a group of us rode down to Cassoday Kansas from Topeka. It's about a 100 mile trip strait down the turnpike. So we all gas up before the trip back. Usually we take the back roads thru the Flint Hills because they are somewhat twisty and scenic. Soo anyway one of our group is on a 2000 ZX9R with a Muzzy 998 kit in it. All of the sudden he pulls over the side of the road. So well all stop and see what is wrong. A short diagnosis and we find out he is out of gas. (Didn't fuel up on the way back..) So here we are basically in the middle No Where Kansas with a bike out of gas. All the other bikes were fuel injected and we didn't have a great amount of tools with us. One of the other guys was on an older GSXR. So we decide to lift up his tank, cut a little bit off the fuel line and drain the gain into an Aquafina water bottle I just happened to have under my rear seat. About 20 mins later and quart of siphoned gas, we are all back under way again...
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