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Bayliss & Edwards, Final Round, 2002.

Classic WSBK 2002 Part 1 of 8 Video | WSBK Video | Crash.Net

Click on 1-8 on the right hand bar.

This is before I was watching WSBK, but it features two riders I have come to know and respect since I started (2004). It provides a great lead-up to what should become one of the most exciting WSBK events in recent history (since this race in 2002?) between Haga and Spies in Portimao. This 2002 race is the same way...coming down to the final round to decide it all.

Honestly I can hardly wait to see the races. It's been quite a few years since a couple of riders have brought it down to the final race weekend. Should be explosive, and this is a fun retro warmup to it.

BTW: If you're ADD or time-constrained, skip to 5-8 and 6-8. Wow-wee. I can only hope it'll be this good this weekend.

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One of the best races ever. I remember watching that back when we had SpeedVision... in the days before Fox sports bought out SpeedVision and turned it into the Nascrap network and all the crap that comes with Nascar type fans. I miss those days.

You seem like a fan of Road Racer X on facebook. Hmmm?

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nice stuff

EDIT: i posted "nice stuff" on the third video when the guys still seemed to be warming up.. this was such an amazing race to see.. If my memory serves me I think Edwards has been pretty steady this year in MotoGP sitting on the 5th spot on the grid almost the whole season. i think slowly but steadily he's gaining on the guys at the front but 1-4 are in their own universe; Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa.

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very cool, I havent seen this race but i heard alot about it. Now that i watched it, Bayliss is a monster. So much strategy in that race. Very cool indeed. It saddens me that i have never seen colin win a motogp race =*(

Im an super excited about this weekend. GOOOOO SPIES!!!!!!!!
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