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You Jarheads should be ashamed.....

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A high school sophomore is suing a school district in Indiana after he was suspended for wearing a T-shirt bearing the likeness of an M-16 rifle and the text of the Marine Corps creed, reports the News Sentinel.

Nathan Griggs, 16, was suspended from Fort Wayne Community Schools in March because the tee shirt violated the school’s policy on offensive and violent clothing.

The offensive text, written by a Marine Corps general after the attack on Pearl Harbor, focuses on the relationship between a Marine and his or her rifle, and is also known as "My Rifle."

----Yup, the defenders of the country are all realy just terrible folks repeating a horrible mantra. How dare you have pride in your corps, your weapon, your duty?!
What were you guys thinking? Effective immediately, any reference in the Marine Creed to a "rifle" will be changed to "flower" and all references to there being "Many like it" will have to be deleted so as not to offend the small arms' individuality........
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The danger of these "no-tolerance" stances in school is that it conditions the young 'uns to think that problems can be solved by rules or policy.

Then, they enter the real world and find out that rules and policy only affect those who willingly follow them. Violence (which I do not equate with guns), racial differences, and gender differences exist in the real world, and by ignoring these issues in schools instead of dealing with them just puts graduates at a greater disadvantage than generations past.
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