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You Jarheads should be ashamed.....

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A high school sophomore is suing a school district in Indiana after he was suspended for wearing a T-shirt bearing the likeness of an M-16 rifle and the text of the Marine Corps creed, reports the News Sentinel.

Nathan Griggs, 16, was suspended from Fort Wayne Community Schools in March because the tee shirt violated the school’s policy on offensive and violent clothing.

The offensive text, written by a Marine Corps general after the attack on Pearl Harbor, focuses on the relationship between a Marine and his or her rifle, and is also known as "My Rifle."

----Yup, the defenders of the country are all realy just terrible folks repeating a horrible mantra. How dare you have pride in your corps, your weapon, your duty?!
What were you guys thinking? Effective immediately, any reference in the Marine Creed to a "rifle" will be changed to "flower" and all references to there being "Many like it" will have to be deleted so as not to offend the small arms' individuality........
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The big problem as I see it is that these policies are created because people bitch and moan. Who has time to bitch and moan? Unemployed fuckers who don't work or contribute to society.

Do I have time to go lobby. No, I'm working so I can pay my taxes, buy my bike and live my life. My tax dollars are being spent supporting a bunch of lazy useless assclowns who take all their free time and bitch and moan about how I am oppressing them.

The politicians hear this and make laws to support the "vocal minority".

I fucking hate shit like this. When I was a kid, I got my assed kicked every day in grade school for one this or another. Other kids kicked my ass, I kicked a few myself. Now, fighting is not allowed and kids just rat on each other. It's the same thing as an adult now. Someone does something dumb and instead of kicking his punk ass, people sue. LAME.

People are turning into a bunch of pink wearing, limp wristed, cowards who hide behind laws created by others like them to protect them. Meanwhile, us hard working, taxpaying folk get shafted.

Man shit like this pisses me off.......

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