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Yay, I finally got my new bike.

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ZX6R 2002 with 2076 miles on it. Not a scratch!

Now I just need an exhaust and to cut that gay license plate thing off and I'll be good to go.
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Good looking bike, now be careful not to dump it, keep it looking nice!
That's real clean. Congrats.
Looks good, I like that fly yellow.
Thanks! This is my first bike that hasn't had a scratch on it, I'm scared I'm going to do something stupid like let it fall over at a gas station or something.
I think that's the best looking kwak they ever made.
how much??

if you don't mind me asking....
Lowest I could get them down too was 5500
nice bike and a :dblthumb on the color.. gotta love yellow!!!
Nice bike Desp. Have fun on it!
you better double them miles in the first week!
congrat's on the bike, it looks good
looks pretty sweet! very nice on the color as well...i like the yellow.
So the question is... what pipe should he put on it?
Exactly what I've been wondering!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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