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Yamaha FZR1000....

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Hi guys...

Just bought a 94' Yamaha FZR1000 about two weeks ago. Last night while I was looking at the bike I noticed that the front dust covers on each of the two brake calipers are missing. I've looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and can't seem to find replacements. Any ideas?

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Parts for the 1000 are hard to find on ebay and the likes. You might be able to fit the dust covers from other cc fzrs or yzfs on your fizzer, even if the part numbers are different (part #s don't seem to mean much), but you'll want to make sure. Take a look at getting ones off a fzr 600, yzf1000r or somthing like that.
May be able to get them from dealer yet if you really need/want them. After looking at yamaha parts Fische the '94 didn't have a dust cover on the calipers.


Hmmm.... I went to a local Yamaha shop and found out that even todays R1's and R6's don't have dust covers. All other makes do but for whatever reason the yaMAMA's don't.
If u have the six piston calipers like mine does there are no dustcovers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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