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Yamaha Demo at Barber

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Wow. That is a fun place. The track was awesome. What an experiance. The R1 was great. Two R1's were crashed this morning. Also someone blew up the WR250X supermoto. I tried to get anothe ride on the FZ1. But couldn't. So the Yamaha guy told me to come back after lunch and he wold take me out in the NESBA novice group after lunch on the FZ1. So I get a full session in novice today as well as the demo.

I liked falling down the hill in turn 1 thru turn 2. The uphill blind right of 3 was awesome. That one didn't bother me. Turn 5 was a little different though. Couldn't get comfortable with that one. The roller coaster was great. I didn't jump the curb though. Then that right hander is tight. The decrease radius at pit out was different. Several lines through there. Another one that was a little tough for me. Got some good video. I'll get more in the next session. So far this is awesome. Talk to you all later.
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Well got to ride an FZ1 in the novice group. The suspension was way too soft. So I couldn't hit it way hard for me anyway. Didn't want to throw it away. There were enough crashes today. Our leader stepped it up for the last three laps. What an awesome time I had. The museam was awese also. I got plenty of video and took allot of pictures. Getting a room for the night. Be headed home tomorrow. There just might be a new junkie in the mix.
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