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Happy Thanksgiving to all especially those stricken by loss as well as
serving abroad. May this Holiday Season be kind, give safe haven as well
as passage in your return to your families. Your family is your most
precious possession, take good care and God Bless.

California Dragway Will Continue to Offer NHRA Street Legals

Weeks previous, it was unknown whether or not the California Dragway
located on the California Speedway campus would continue as it has since
it opened Labor Day weekend, 2001. The new and improved Auto Club
Dragway will continue to support grass roots drag racing. Read

"Track vs. Street" Pocketbike Event @ Rialto

Rialto Airport Speedway to hold the final pocketbike & scooter event for
2005. Don't ride your pocketbike on the street......"Take it to the
Track"! Roll on out and join the others out on the track. More info.....

Community Church & Team No Limit Racing Team-Up for "Kids in Crisis"

The 3rd Annual Fontana Community Church "Kids in Crisis Toy Drive" will
be assisted by Team No Limit Racing in a "Ride In or Drive In" toy drive
to be held in the parking lot of the Fontana Community Church. Stay
tuned for more information or call(909)822-8085.

Community Church Youth Education & Team No Limit Racing Team-Up

A community partnership between the Fontana Community Church Youth
Education and Team No Limit Racing has formed to provide youth-based
rider information and education services. Stay tuned for further

TNLR's Original SUPER STREET Category Adopted by Others

TNLR's Founder, "Johnny" John A. Prato Sr. developed and implemented the
SUPER STREET category, one specifically implemented for litre-plus or
hyperbike drag racing in 2000. The category launched on 2 DEC 2000 with
the Rialto Drags Motorcycle Showdown at the Rialto Airport Raceway as
well as the 2 Wheel Xtreme Machine events at the California Speedway in
2003, 2004. Read more of the class.....

Founding Thoughts

It is this time of year that family is of the utmost importance. When
out on a ride or commuting to and from work Ride Safe and Ride Prepared.
Take all of the necessary maintenance steps to ensure that your
motorcycle is in safe repair. Inspect your gear for defects as well as
ensuring that the gear is properly fastened or secured. Wear the proper
gear for the level of riding or the riding conditions to which you will
be riding in. In closing, take the time to ensure that you have taken
every step to make your ride a safer one.

Happy Holidays

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