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Fontana Race Fest Race Week FEB '06

Come on out and enjoy a free-to-the-public motor sports event for the
entire family. Join us in showing several different types of 2 wheel
asphalt machine sights & sounds. Stay tuned at.....

Do You Know How to Prep Your Ride for a Track Day?

Track days are for riders that should be riding and dicing on the track
versus the streets. So what should a rider do to prepare his or her
machine for the track? Read more at.....

What Do You Do to Winterize Your Ride?

For those riders who live in parts of the country that have more weather
than mild Southern California. What preparations do you make to your
machine(s)? Read more at.....

Motorcyclists to Rise & Unite for Riders' Rights

Take time to read the article from the link below. This is important to
all 2 wheel asphalt machine riders to have our voices heard. Read more

Ride Safe! Ride Prepared!

XMRA Staff
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