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Do you drive a car or any vehicle other than a motorcycle for transportation? Operating a motor vehicle upon our streets and highways is a privilege, not a right. When you are driving, do your best not to crowd the motorcyclist in front of you. Extend respect and common courtesy with all motorists when rolling down our roadways. Look three or four times for a motorcycle before you make that left-hand turn.

Riders, be aware of your surroundings. Look for the motorists that appears to be occupied with tasks other than their driving. Wear the proper gear and make yourself more visible when enjoying your ride. Give yourself enough space for accident avoidance maneuvers. As you expect respect and common courtesy while you are riding from other motorists. Make sure you return the same effort with the motorists you share the roadways with. Always Ride Safe, Ride Prepared and save the on-the-gas for the track.


We would like to bring awareness to the following "motorcycle only" rider safety or awareness organizations as our new friends.

A.B.A.T.E. #6 (San Diego)

New Rider? Have You Taken A Riders' Safety Course Yet?

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a place where the newbie rider can learn the basic rider skills needed to help you properly operate your ride as well as help you better survive our asphalt jungles. New rider.....Taken your course yet? Read more at.....

City of Fontana Teen Fest 2 Update

We would like to thank the City of Fontana Parks & Recreation Department for the opportunity to participate in another fine program for our local youth. Thousands of people attended Saturday's Teen Fest 2 that began cool and overcast then warming to near perfect conditions. We had fun as usual and handed-out rider safety & awareness information to the youth. We hope and pray that this community event continues to grow in the benefit of our local youth. We brought our video challenge to Teen Fest 2. We still have not found winners for our No Limit TT Superbike Challenge Powered by Circuit City, Rancho Cucamonga. Still searching for that first winner.

PROJECT 22 Lane Delineation and HOV Update

OCTA lead by 3rd District Supervisor Bill Campbell still driving to move for freeway changes remains on-going with Caltrans involving Project 22. The Office of Supervisor Bill Campbell stated that everything is in the hands of Caltrans. The HOV and lane delineation suggestions as proposed by Team No Limit Racing, Inc. of Fontana, California appears to be in support with the OCTA. However, Caltrans will be the final say other than the NHTSA. The proposed delineation changes, if adopted could be tested as part of Project 22. If Project 22 testing proves positive, leading to implementation. This could change our Southern California region. Possibly facilitate a statewide change.

Motorcyclists.....Please reply to us or call the office of Supervisor Bill Campbell if you would like to support the changes as proposed to the OCTA and Caltrans regarding the HOV delineation changes for continuous ingress / egress of this lane. Moreover, for suggested modifications to the buffer between the HOV and Traffic Lane #1 to support a DML, or "Dedicated Motorcycle Lane". This proposed DML would be somewhat similar in theory and use as compared in similarity to "Bicycle Lanes" already in use upon approved public surface streets. Contact Christine Compton at (714) 834-3330.

City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night on Cinco De Mayo

Friday May 5th is the next community event. Come on out for some 2 wheel fun from 5PM to 10PM. We have a completely new display and interactive area. Hopefully no one gets blown around by the cold wind this time around. Read more at.....

2 Wheel Xtreme Machine at the AMA Superbike Challenge Update

Well, like old times Brotherman! Jace Edwards, a well-known FM Radio DJ was Jammin Johnny's special co-host for a KFON Community Access Channel 3 taped program recorded at the California Speedway. Special thanks to Kevin Hanson, owner of SAFETY FIRST RACING and one of the team's premier riders Tony "The Tiger" Meiring for their valued assistance and cooperation. Tony geared-up upon asking and lent himself and his machine for a topic involving rider safety gear worn at the track. We must say, a class-act no doubt. A racing organization borne from a Police Officer and motorcycle road racer, a bicycle and helmet safety program that mixes an approachable Police presence with the proper rider safety attitude. Bad boys bad boys, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you. SAFETY FIRST RACING rocks & Rolls!

R.I.D.E. S.A.F.E.L.Y. Youth & Adult Education Workshop

This program is to bring the youth rider of pocketbikes as well as the rider's parent or guardian up to speed about these machines. Learn why the operation of these machines upon the streets is not only unsafe but illegal. This workshop will only take a few hours of your time and require a small donation to our organization. Call (909) 8 2WHEEL for more information.

2 Wheel Xtreme Machine "Off The Route 66 2 Wheel Rendezvous"

Do you ride an American machine, metric cruiser, sportbike, street fighter or toy around with asphalt-laden mini-motos? Saturday, August 12, 2006 we are having a charity motorcycle "Street & Custom Show". Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Charities will be present and raffling a motorcycle during this event. Proceeds will benefit the participating organizations. Read more at.....


There have been some recent concerns about unwanted or unsolicited suspicious activities. We have a "By Appointment Only" policy for very important reasons. Any such visitor must provide valid picture ID for any business related to our office.

The first reason is out of due respect for the Christian Youth Education School and the Fontana Community Church staff to which we respectfully honor. This is our agreement. Moreover, this policy has been discussed directly with the IRS TE/GE Office in Ohio. Therefore, actively in place for required reasons as noted.

The second reason, clearly a more important and legal point of fact is that our charitable, educational public benefit organization is operating upon an active school campus. Therefore, pursuant to California Penal Code Section 627.2, any outsider(s) during school hours must check-in with the office forthwith without any delay or vacate the campus as required by law. Additionally, any outsider(s) shall not loiter upon any school campus pursuant to California Penal Code Section 653g. Notwithstanding the above identified sections, California Penal Code Section 626.7(a)may be applied as well within a range of 1000' of the school. Please honor this SAFE SCHOOL ZONE.

Thank You. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated for the youth in attendance.

XMRA Staff

Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance
P.O. BOX 1012
Fontana, CA 92334-1012
(909)8 2WHEEL (829-4335)

"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
"A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization"
USPTO Servicemark 2708310, CA Registered
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