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XMRA Finish Line Newsletter, May 2006 Vol. 2

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A.B.A.T.E. #6 San Diego In Support of Our Programs & Services

In a phone call received 3 MAY 2006, from Safety Representative John Del Santo. He stated on behalf of the membership from A.B.A.T.E. Chapter #6 in San Diego, we are in support of your organization's efforts. As for A.B.A.T.E. #6, we welcome their support and will continue to aid all pro-motorcycle organizations in the continued ability to ride upon our roadways in the enjoyment we call motorcycling.

A.B.A.T.E. is more than being known as "The Helmet People".

Are You a Track Days or Street Legals Rider?

OR are you a rider that prefers to take the twisties, a light to light rider or participate in illegal street racing activities? Either way, if you are riding too fast on the public roadways or actively engaging in illegal street racing. There are places where you can go to get it out in a "controlled", "legal" and "safer" environment with much less pain. Remember, getting a grip of road rash from a road crash or getting your ride impounded for illegal street racing is down right no fun as well as costly. No need to become the next traffic statistic. If you are going too fast, take it to the track!

Track Days information Powered By FASTRACKRIDERS.COM

When You Ride, Do You Carry a GPS Enabled Cell Phone?

If your cell phone is GPS equipped it is a good thing. This phone feature, as long as the phone has its battery intact and with a charge could help rescuers locate you if you are unable to help yourself. This is cool technology for instances of ICE.....IN CASE of EMERGENCY.

Do You Have The Right Stuff To Be A Sponsor?

We are seeking proactive, positive and pro-motorcycle individuals, public benefit organizations, corporations, churches, government entities to take part and become part of the team. Our organization is here to offer another level of pro-rider programs and services to work with as well as augment other organizations already providing rider programs and services. We believe in the "All for One & One for All" attitude.

Do You Know How A Public Benefit Organization Operates?

Wow! Where to begin?

Unfortunately, non-profit organizations have received a bad rap over the past few years by those with the intent to take from the public without providing nothing in return. Our organization, its programs and services are for the public benefit.

How do they differ in other ways?

A for-profit entity can hot-link to any website. Whereas, a non-profit organization can only hot-link to its own or hosted site, that of other non-profit websites and government websites.

How can racing events be exempt?

Lets take a look at our track events that involves "motorcycle only" drag racing or stunting. Did you know, a non-profit organization such as ours is prohibited from operating a championship points series? TRUE! This activity is viewed by the Internal Revenue Service as a for-profit activity. Therefore, no points as well as designed purpose equals non-profit. Championship points series clearly equals a for-profit activity.

Why so?

Here's how. We offer multiple categories in rider vs. rider competition. Some competitions may even include a cash purse. The difference between our Track vs. Street programs versus that of the NHRA, AMA Prostar as well as the NMRA, AHDRA is the fact that any one racer can directly benefit from ones racing participation.

How so?

Very simple. Anytime you operate a points series that results in a championship for a rider at the end of a series or season is viewed by the IRS as a direct benefit to this champion rider. Championships bring sponsors, therefore direct or indirect revenue, therefore a benefit.

Did you know about the 85/15 standard the IRS prefers to see in a non-profit operation?

If you do not understand this standard, we'll gladly explain. The 85/15 standard is the proceeds expended for programs and operations versus wages and salaries. That's right! I believe you get the picture. That means the Organization comes first before any one person acting as a representative for the organization. Some of the better 501(c)(3) Organizations operate nearer to or at a 90/10 factor. Finally, the IRS requires the organization to meet this standard with reserve before it can provide any such benefits to any member as outlined within their IRS approved Bylaws.

How do you know if a non-profit is within this preferred standard?

Very simple. The IRS will gladly provide you with the organization's Form 990 (if required to file) for a fee. You may also contact the Secretary of State and view this Form 990 from their website. You may contact the organization in person if you wish. Although, if you prefer to be clandestine and do not want to be known to the organization. Getting this information on-line would be the safest for you.

Remember, the organization has the right per IRS Rules to not only charge you page by page for the permitted pages of Form 990 (some pages are only between the IRS and the organization), they may also require an appointment as well as take a photocopy of your picture ID, such as your valid Driver's License. Or transpose your personal ID or information in a log for future reference or legal need. This is a protection afforded by the IRS to protect public benefit organizations from unlawful, scandalous or threatening criminal acts against the organization.

Founding Thoughts

Technologies are excellent if used for the proper purposes and with lawful intent. Let's examine GPS technologies, especially those specific to cell phones. Did you know, that whether your GPS enabled cell phone is on or off it can be tracked or "triangulated" as long as the battery is intact and with a charge. This is great for Law Enforcement as well as Emergency Services. Specifically if you ever become lost or are unable to help yourself due to injuries or cicumstances beyond your control as well as other lawful or court-ordered reasons. These are definite PROS to this particular technology.

However, with your cell phone number, available GPS tracking equipment that can be readily purchased and your "powered" GPS enabled cell phone persons with clear criminal motive and desire can track and stalk you. The criminal, most of the time will appear to be another person performing personal tasks as the intended "target" or "victim" continues about doing their family or personal chores. Some are really good at their criminal activity while others are as obvious as church on Sunday.

XMRA Staff

Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance
P.O. BOX 1012
Fontana, CA 92334-1012
(909)8 2WHEEL (829-4335)

"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
"A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization"
USPTO Servicemark 2708310, CA Registered
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