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For all the current motorcycle clubs as well as prospective founders of future motorcycle clubs.

To be legitimate, you might want to consider filing your m/c with your local County Clerk's Office, your City if it applies as well as your Secretary of State. Once this is done, file for your Federial Tax ID and apply with the IRS as either a 501(c)(7) or 501(c)(3).

There is a difference between the two. A 501(c)(7), namely a social club, is the typical type of structure for the vast majority of motorcycle clubs. This determination is the easiest to acquire. Whereas, a 501(c)(3) is the most difficult. A 501(c)(3) is a club, foundation or organization to which must incorporate educational, charitable and or scientific elements in public benefit to meet this requirement.

So get together, decide what you can do for your riders as well as other
riders and enjoy the ride!

Riders Beware: Law Enforcement Hot on 2 Wheels

Do you ride with a club or riders' organization? Do you ride and operate within the law? If you can not say that you do. Please read this.....

City of Fontana Teen Fest II

Do you have teens in your family? Do they enjoy sports, extreme or otherwise? If so, bring them down for some fun and a bit of education. More info at.....

Update: Southern California HOV Lane Modification Plans (SR-22)

In a letter from a representative of the California Department of Transportation dated 10 MAR 2006. The suggestions submitted by Team No Limit will be further explored. These suggestions included delineation modifications for SR-22 as well as the future potential for a dedicated motorcycle transit lane. This lane to be addressed in future studies.

A Blast of Buell Powered By DONSAUTOCENTER.COM

2006 was the return of the Buell into mainstream AMA competition. Buell brought four machines into the mac daddy of all US races, the Daytona 200. The machines went the distance but had difficulties keeping up with their European and Japanese counterparts in the hot pit lane. We wish Buell the best in finding a way to get it done!

Founding Thoughts

It is so easy to find yourself behind the controls of a motor vehicle after drinking. If you drink, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to sober up before your grasp the controls and ride off down the road. Best yet, don't even begin to mix drinks and 2 wheels.


XMRA Staff

Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance
P.O. BOX 1012
Fontana, CA 92334-1012
(909)8 2WHEEL (829-4335)

"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
"A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization"
USPTO Servicemark 2708310, CA Registered
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