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Summer is just days away and the riders are out in numbers. So be mindful of
your fellow riders and the other motorists that enjoy the same privileges as
you do. Remember, riding or driving is not a right. It's a privilege that we
all want to keep!

Team No Limit Racing, Inc. Assisting Kenda USA in Development of Scooter Tires

The Chinese made X6, four stroke midbikes are selling well but have tire
limitations. Kenda USA is well into the development of performance tires for
the X6. Team No Limit Racing, Inc. have tested certain tires and provided tire
specifications to specifically meet the performance and safety needs for
riders of these fun machines. In development are two tire designs that will
provide a useful range to the beginner as well as the expert mini racer. Read

Hot Swimsuit Competition @ Zorba's Bike Night

Come on out and join more than a dozen motorcycle clubs and hundreds of
riders for a kick-off to Summer 2005. There will be a raffle, product from
K&N and Torco Lubricants to name a few besides lovely ladies in summer time
competition. Come out on Tuesday, June 21st and have a great time. This event is brought to you by Zorba's Bike Nights.

SAFETY ADVISORY - Tortional Damage to Frame & Swingarm of X-6

Team No Limit Racing, Inc. continues to test a frame modification found to be
preliminarily effective in greatly reducing, or eliminating swingarm twist.
Read more........

The XMRA & Motorcycle Enthusiasts Promote Rider Safety during Fontana Days

Representatives from the XMRA, Full Tilt MC, No Limit, Team Rialto & Team No
Limit Racing participated on 2 wheel asphalt machines behind the XMRA float
in the 2005 Fontana Days Parade on June 4th. The message was for the general public and riders concerning motorcycle safety & awareness. Read more.....

No Limit Celebrating 15 Years in the 909!

No Limit will be celebrating 15 years in the Inland Empire. The organization began the celebration with hundreds of other riders at Zorba's Bike Night in Riverside, California on Tuesday, June 7th and will continue to do so throughout the entire Summer. Read more.....


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