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Fontana Race Fest Race Week in Association with the XMRA, 9/1/2005!

We are proud to announce a full sponsored field of 20 Custom Show Categories for Thursday September 1st! If you have a Mini-Moto on street rubber, custom Indian or Chopper, bone stock or souped-up, Japanese or European Sportbike, Up on 1 Stunna w/ cage & bar or Drag, Motard, Road Race machine. Time to roll it out and show your support for the LOMA LINDA RONALD MC DONALD HOUSE. 100% of your $10.00 entry goes to this great cause!

Kenda X-6 Mid Bike Tire Development Ongoing

The Kenda tire project for the X-6 Chinese Mid Bike continues. Kenda Corporate has taken a serious look at this project. So far so good for the owners & riders of these fun but "hard to find parts for" mini machines. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

What Do Riders Prefer to Xperience......Racing or Stunting?

The XMRA supports & promotes the quintesential of the 2 wheel asphalt machine; namely, "motorcycle only" drag racing, road racing & track days, mini-moto activities, stunting activities and custom shows in the proper environments. Simply put, what would you as a participant or spectator prefer to be involved in, a racing event or stunting event?

For Those that Think Gear is for the Riding Geek......Think Again!

For those riders that use the term "Gear Nazi's" to define riders that promote safe riding through the use of proper riding apparel need to read this (Be Advised - Strong Language). Remember, safety is paramount when you are out riding alone or in a group.

Ride Safe, Ride Prepared!

XMRA Staff
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