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We wish everyone well in 2006. Remember, we are who we
are........Motorcyclists. Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, V-Star,
Ninja or ST-4, we are all 2 wheel asphalt machine brothers and sisters.
Be kind and take the opportunity to acknowledge one another.

City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night Returns for 2006

The City of Fontana revives their free-to-the-public Cruise & Market
Night for 2006. Come on out and enjoy live music, vendors, kiddie
activities as well as things to do for car and motorcycle enthusiasts at
a new location on Fontana's historical Spring Street. Feb 3rd is the
date and 5PM to 10PM is the time. Come on out and cruise! Read more

Two Safety Oriented Track Day Providers Form Alliance

Anyone who has really ridden hard in the canyons and have realized that
the roadways may not be the place to let it rip. Fastrack Riders'
Association and Sportbike Track Time have formed an alliance to provide
this essential service to riders who would prefer a "controlled",
"legal" and "safer" activity environment to twist the wrist. Read more

What Do You Think The Reasons are for the Rise in Street Riding Fatalities?

What could cause the rise in rider fatalities be due to? Possibly, the
increase in the number of motorcycles as well as cars traversing our
roadways? Maybe it has been as a result of inexperienced riders ridng
over ones head? Can it be due to more motorists multitasking while
driving causing dangerous, inattentive situations affecting
motorcyclists? Maybe a combination of many versus just one?

California AB969 Seeking to Change California Mandatory Helmet Law

Can this be true? Changing the mandatory helmet law because there has
been an increase in rider deaths while helmets have been worn. Could it
be more rider fault versus helmets failing to keep riders safer? Or in
the type of helmet worn? It is your chance to be heard. Read more at.....

Founding Thoughts

Wearing the proper gear is essential relative to rider safety. So is rider
skill training that a rider could receive through providers to include the
Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Essential, especially in today's motorcycle
market when anyone over 18 can go to your local dealership and roll-off
of the showroom floor a 600cc Super Sport machine pushing a 106hp package
with attainable machine speeds that can exceed 150mph without a strain. Or
a litre bike like a 1000cc with more than a 150hp out-of-the-crate in your
hands and at your command. Heck, it is nice to see machines with the
capabilities like those of today's machines versus those from just a decade
or two ago. Oh yes, for the cruiser crowd. The rider enjoyment factor
for you is just as swell for as for the riders' of sportbikes or any other
street bike for that matter. Cruiser are definitely cool but require rider
safety and awareness as well.

Just remember, there is no other experience like a riders' enjoyment of
a swell ride. Rider safety and awareness for all that participate or
plan to participate is paramount. So ride safely and enjoy the ride!

XMRA Staff

Xtreme Machine Riders' Alliance
P.O. BOX 1012
Fontana, CA 92334-1012
(909)8 2WHEEL (829-4335)

"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
"A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization"
USPTO Servicemark 2708310, CA Registered
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