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2006 should be very interesting in the road racing world. We have major players moving around from ride to ride, Buell to run in the Daytona 200 and Yamaha as well as Suzuki entering into the Honda dominated Formula Extreme field. If you are looking for more than the streets to twist the wrist or becoming a racer....."Go grab yourself a track day".

Motorcycle drag racing seems to be going in the direction of a trend we identified through years of club riding, developed in 1999 and implemented as a racers' class for the litre+ bike pilots in December 2000 as featured in the RIALTO DRAGS MOTORCYCLE SHOWDOWN with further changes made for use during the 2 WHEEL XTREME MACHINE events in 2003. AMA PROSTAR's version of our SUPERSTREET category, to which they have named SUPER STREET. Appears to be growing steadily for the Alabama-based drag race Alternate Sanctioning Organization.

DONSAUTOCENTER.COM rolls into the 2006 XMRA Paddock. DONSAUTOCENTER.COM comes to the grid for the entire 2006 season as an INTERMEDIATE SPONSOR. We are pleased in and welcome the return of the DONS AUTO CENTER Family.

City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night 2006 Continues.....

Friday, March 3rd is the next Cruise & Market Night in Fontana. A place to bring the entire family. Come on out on your street bike. Come and challenge yourself with some "legal" motorcycle street racing in the NO LIMIT TT SUPERBIKE CHALLENGE. If you can beat the time you can win a prize. Keep your lid on.....There will be a Challenge exam before you take your prize. About this community event, read more at.....

City of Fontana Teen Fest II Rolling into Fontana, April 2006

Come join everyone at the City of Fontana Teen Fest II! We will be one of several organizations participating in the 2006 Teen Fest II. Do you have a pocketbike, Chinese midbike or scooter? Come join us in learning how to RIDE SAFELY. Or test your skills in the NO LIMIT TT SUPERBIKE CHALLENGE. Learn more at.....

NoLimitSportbikes.Com Offers a Family-Oriented Riders' Forum

Do you or your wife ride on the streets or track? Does your child enjoy 2 wheel asphalt machine seat time as well? The NO LIMIT Forums are for the entire riding family, solo or group rider to share information and learn from one another. Much thanks to Fred at SPORTBIKES.NET. Learn more at.....

To Wear Gear or Not to Wear Gear?

Some may say this is a simple question and yes, it can be. For those that grew-up in the dirt and graduated to the tarmac, we riders tend to be quicker to utilize the proper gear when street riding. We believe the worst thing that any rider can do is throw on a muscle-T, shorts, sandals and attempt to ride like their pants are on fire. Freedoms many will utter and profess this is my choice. Your choice it is. Remember this, proper gear choice in many situations will be of asset to you versus any Freedoms or comfort issues one may have. In the heat of Summer or the chill of Winter.....Wear gear, enjoy the ride and ride safely!

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