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The "mack daddy" of all US road racing events (as quoted by Miguel DuHamel, Fontana 2003), the Daytona 200, is just weeks away. Buell is returning to the AMA fray with a homologation machine claiming a dry weight of 395lbs., WOW! Who knows what it will really weigh in at tech for the 200. We wish everyone the best of luck in the historic yet arduous Daytona 200.


CIRCUIT CITY rolls into the 2006 XMRA Paddock. Team Rancho Cucamonga comes to the grid as a special 2006 SPONSOR for the interactive NO LIMIT TT SUPERBIKE CHALLENGE. We welcome the Rancho Cucamonga CIRCUIT CITY Family.

FASTRACKRIDERS.COM rolls into the 2006 XMRA Paddock. FASTRACKRIDERS.COM comes to the grid for the entire 2006 season as a NEWBIE SPONSOR. We are pleased in and welcome the return of the FASTRACK RIDERS' Family.

City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night Adds More Room for Bikes

Come on out and enjoy the SO CAL CLUBS BIKE NIGHT to begin March 3rd as part of this community event . We are pleased as well as the riders from MOONLIGHT GAMES in the dedicated area provided for riders during the City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night . The XMRA 2 WHEEL XTREME MACHINE area will begin at Sierra Avenue and extend to Nuevo Avenue. Where to go.....

No Limit TT Superbike Challenge Held During So Cal Clubs Bike Night

This challenge, Powered By CIRCUIT CITY will virtually transport you to a place called the Isle of Man where you can test your skills. Your chance to prove, "Start to Finish.....There is No Limit"! Rules & more at.....

Does Your Street Bike Pull "Double Duty"?

A moderate number of 2 wheel asphalt machine riders, over time, realize that the street is not the place to race. More and more canyon carvers begin draggin' knee at their local track day or participating in organized road racing. Others enjoy the quick acceleration experienced with drag racing, blasting down the strip. While others install crash cages and 12 bars for more intense, one-wheeled and vertical riding articulation.

If this is you, on the way to work as scheduled then at your favorite spot safely supporting your sport. Then your machine is clearly pulling "double duty". It should be cared for appropriately as well as the proper equipment utilized for the activity enjoyed.

What about tires? Tires are one of the most important consumable parts on your ride. Selecting the proper type of tire for your sport or riding application is important to maintain rider safety. Running street tire pressures and compounds in competition or in a "controlled", "legal" and "safer" environment versus the street may cause technical difficulties, undesired responses or leave your best at the line when you are out enjoying the ride.

Tire pressures and compounds are important. But, overall tire condition is as well. Check for flat spots, balding, cupping, cord exposure as well as other types of tire defects that might create unsafe operating conditions.

Remember, rider safety is paramount. Wise time taken to prevent such issues will only allow greater enjoyment as well as allowing you, the rider, one more rung-up on the operating safety of your ride. Enjoy the ride!


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