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How is your riding summer so far? We hope all is well and you are
enjoying the ride. Enjoy your family, friends and may there be many
BBQ's. Hold onto your lids! September will be a smokin' month for 2
wheel asphalt machine fun & excitement in Socal.

Charity Motorcycle Show - Fontana Race Week Block Party!

Calling ALL 2 Wheel Xtreme Asphalt Machines to this event! The proceeds
from this custom show will directly benefit the LOMA LINDA RONALD
MCDONALD HOUSE. The shows goal is to raise $2,000 for the HOUSE. That
means 200 entries at $10.00 per to meet that goal!

Why So Hard on Riders When DUI Drivers are Driving?

Recently we met with the facilitator of the San Bernardino Chapter of
M.A.D.D.. DUI's and DUI related collisions are a distinct concern to all
motorists, especially motorcyclists. We say any motorist whom outrightly
breaks the rules of the road shall be fit for their punishment. Keep and
enforce the DUI enhancements. Be responsible and please, do not drink & ride!

No Limit Celebrating 15 Years in the 909

This Riders'Organization began in June 1990 as a sportbike club in the
Inland Empire. The original founder was told that it would never last.
The No Limit Riders'Organization has not only lasted but has become what
every club should become; A legal organization. No Limit will be celebrating
15 years at select events in Socal.

Do You Enjoy Pocketbikes, Customs, Burn-outs, Up on 1 Stunnas & More?

We have been approached and are currently working on events to bring you as much of this as you possibly can take. So stay tuned for more to follow! Do you have what it takes to......."Bring it Down & Bring it On"!

Ride Safe! Ride Prepared!

XMRA Staff
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