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Family Fun Event with Charity Custom Motorcycle Show 9/1/2005!

Roll out this Thursday for some fun in Downtown Fontana. The Fontana
Race Week Block Party celebration, in association with California
Speedway( )will fire-up at 4PM! Read more.....

When Out for a Hot Weather Commute, Ride or Track Day Be Prepared

It is very important when out riding in hot weather or being a track day
participant to hydrate, find a spot to cool off and be shaded during periods
at rest. Read more.....

Do You Ride in a Club or Ready to Form One?

Do you ride in a group of friends? Ever thought of forming your own club
or riders' organization? Before you pick a name make sure no one else
holds Intellectual Property Rights( )to the name,
especially in the same use. Next, legally register your organization as
such with your county, city and state. Remember, if you are not a "crew",
"motorcycle gang", or "hooligan group" of riders. Do it right by
rolling it legally as a taxed or non-profit organization.

Is This Correct.....European Union to Seek Ban on Sportbikes?

We thought the issues related to scooters, midbikes & pocketbikes were
of concern to riders. If this news from Europe is valid. Sportbike
riders and motorcyclists in general will need to be concerned. Read

Ride Safe! Ride Prepared!

XMRA Staff

Founding Thoughts

Hi, my name is John A. Prato Sr., or Johnny by those kept close, near
and dear to me. Our Public Charities were founded to provide "motorcycle
only" information, education & rider services while giving public support
to those that are charitable or of qualified need under provision.

You see, those that truly know our Public Charities. Supporters understand
the straight forward and dedicated steps taken through this journey and
why we do what we do. Not only for motorcyclists, the general public but
the charities & services we prefer to support.

On 1 SEP 2005, we will be working closely with the City of Fontana
Special Projects Department, California Speedway and numerous other
concerned persons, businesses and media sources raising monies for a
great cause. Supporting those that need the support.

This cause, the strickened children and their families who deal with
tragic illnesses and diseases daily. With public support, many of these
children do survive. The funds raised help the families stay with and
help pay for their children's treatments provided by the LOMA LINDA
, at the L.L.U.C.H..

These children live with terminal and critical illnesses day in and
day out. Warm thoughts and generous assistance is greatly appreciated.

Understanding these little champions is not very difficult. Many adults
suffer from other "real" conditions such as severe Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Progressive Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Gulf War Syndrome / Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome and other very similar, chronic conditions to which there
are no known, medical cures. Being one diagnosed and living with Progressive
Fibromyalgia & CFS is no joke. Real conditions affect real people.

Many live with debilitating medical circumstances. Persons who do their
utmost to live daily through their trials. People that truly empathize with
the children receiving treatment provided by theLOMA LINDA RONALD McDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES.

In closing, we are asking you, the "team players" we support in our
service endeavors to step-up and support a greater cause than your own.
Time for motorcyclists to step-up like the fans and participants from
entities and organizations such as NASCAR and their drivers, IRL and
their drivers and from other 4-wheeled sport organizations and their
participants. This is another opportunity for motorcyclists, the die
hard "one percenters" to....."Bring it down & Bring it on"!

Kind Regards,

"Johnny" John A. Prato Sr.
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