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Where did Summer 2005 go? Next week brings Labor Day and the return of
students to traditional school. Black is back while white is on the rack
until spring. For those riders who might enjoy family and friends, around
the BBQ grillin' brisket and raising a few in toast. Drink responsibly
and please do not drink & ride!

"Always remember, roadway death does not discriminate".

KIIS FM & XMRA to Share Stage for Charity Motorcycle Show

The Fontana Race Week Block Party celebration, in association with
California Speedway will bring many to include KIIS 102.7 FM, powered by
Pepsi to next Thursday's event. The XMRA will be sharing Stage #3 with
KIIS FM throughout the evening and for the Charity Motorcycle Show
awards presentations. Read more....

Kenda X6 Tire Project Stalls

Although information was received days ago. We have learned that the
tires we hoped to see made available as OEM replacement or "track only"
rubber has come to a stand still. Simply supply and demand is of issue.
We hope the pocketbike, mid bike and other, "not street legal" machine
operators can have tire options, safety & application wise to continue
their riding enjoyment.

Wear Gear or Not to Wear Gear.....A Riders' Dilemma?

A unique commentary raising points & questions whether or not riders
should wear the proper protective gear while riding upon the roadways.
This commentary begins with a true account by the writer. Read

Ride Safe! Ride Prepared!

XMRA Staff
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