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The Founder of Team No Limit Racing would like to welcome back Jace Edwards, "The Southland's Most Outrageous Radio DJ" and long-time Honorary No Limit Member to the Inland Empire!

Jace Edwards was the inspiration for the original 2 Wheel Power Hour Program conceived, produced and hosted by Jammin' Johnny Prato. The 2 Wheel Asphalt Machine Radio Program idea developed following the live-in-studio appearance of select members of No Limit and the Founder of Team No Limit Racing at the KCAL 96.7 FM Studios on Friday night, 12 FEB 1999. Can you guess what the topic was all about???

Sportbikes and legal drag racing baby! He put the challenge out. Do you have what it takes to.....Bring it down & Bring it on" at the TRACK! That weekend of NHRA Street Legals & Team Pomona Sears Craftsman Racing Series turned away hundreds of willing participants.


Socal Clubs Bike Night at City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night

Join us on your 2 wheel asphalt machine for an experience we hope you all will enjoy. Come take the No Limit TT Superbike Challenge Powered By Team CIRCUIT CITY, Rancho Cucamonga! More community info.....

XMRA at the City of Fontana Teen Fest II

Come join us and thousands of people for the betterment of our community youth. We shall have rider safety and awareness information, ours as well as leaflets from local law enforcement and community-based organizations. Read more about the event at.....

2 Wheel Xtreme Machine to Be at 2006 AMA Suzuki Superbike Challenge

KFON Community Channel 3 has teamed-up with the 2 WHEEL XTREME MACHINE Program in a Community Partnership for riders' to provide taped coverage of interviews, machines, racing and everything related to the street-laden counterparts and their riders as seen upon the public roadways. Go to.....

Do You Like Sportbikes or Buell's?

Do you enjoy watching these machines being raced? Have you ever wondered what level of safety as well as rider preparation goes into their daily routine? Whether you ride or race rider safety as well as rider awareness of his or her surroundings are paramount.

If you have never seen what efforts goes into the safety of these Superbikes on the track as well as the appropriate safety gear the riders wear. It is time for you to xperience one of these races. Talk to a racer if you can about the importance of the proper gear, machine set-up andmaintenance. Remember, these concerns are no different on the street or upon the track.

Wear your properly safety-rated helmet, a safer set of full-fingered & properly fitted gloves, the proper leather jacket or like jacket designed to offer a safer level of protection for you, the rider. If you are a spirited rider, do not scrimp. If you ride too fast on the street it's time to take it to the track. Spend the money and invest in a 2-piece full-zip or 1-piece riding suit. Road rash is no laughing matter. Besides, the hospital bills bite!


XMRA Staff

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"Track vs. Street Team of Team No Limit Racing, Inc"
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