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City of Fontana Teen Fest 2 Goes Xtreme This Saturday

Bring out the entire family for this day dedicated to our youth. Join us along with other Xtreme Motor Sports participants and human-powered xtreme boarding demos by the pros. Take it in and learn that you can be xtreme while maintaining a proper level of awareness and safety while enjoying YOUR sport! Read more at.....

2 Wheel Xtreme Machine at the Fontana AMA Superbike Weekend

Roll back to 1999. Jace Edwards, "The Inland Empire's Most Outrageous Radio DJ" interviews Jammin Johnny, Jerry Weiss and Chaz Prato, members of No Limit and Team No Limit Racing live-in-studio. This is where the 2 Wheel Power Hour was conceived. 2006 brings a new and improved AMA Superbike Weekend program hosted by Jammin Johnny, Jace Edwards and powered by Fontana's own KFON Community Access Channel 3.

Come Out for a 2 Wheel Dose of Rider Life Experience

AMA Superbike laps the road coarse this weekend at the California Speedway. Have you ever xperienced live, late braking and on the gas riding at speeds above 160 and around 190? Have you considered or have the desire to begin "Track vs. Street" activities? This is an excellent place to learn up-close about wearing the proper gear, proper maintenance and machine preparation, understanding the difference between going fast on the track vs. illegal street racing, having the proper attitude, respecting yourself as well as the law. Ask any rider on the circuit about safe street riding. They'll be glad to give you the time of day.


May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

It is a jungle out there, especially here in California where the Freeways are more like parking lots. Being a motorcyclist, every ounce of prevention taken in rider safety and protection may save your life or seriously reduce your potential for a serious and permanent injury. If you ride or plan on joining the ranks, consider taking a course in rider education. The amount of time and cost is well worth the effort. Read more at.....

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

Real conditions that affect real people. Do you know any riders afflicted with MS, RA, CFS, Lupus, Gulf War or this incurable and debilitating condition? If you do, take the time to empathize, not sympathize. Some of the strongest people you will ever meet are those that have met this life's challenge. Who knows what the cards hold for you. From our Founder, a daily survivor of this life-altering and career ending condition. Be the best to yourself as well as to others in your life and those around you. Read more about FAM at.....

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