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For those that celebrate this celestial holiday, God Bless. In respect to those that do not, may your life's journey be one filled with love and hope. May you never take for granted your personal health or ability to make a living. Treat those that are physically different from you with the same level of kindness and respect that you yourself expect.

City of Fontana Teen Fest II

This free-to-the-public youth event is only weeks away. Come join the many displays and activities for a day dedicated to the community youth. Read more at.....

City of Fontana Cruise & Market Night 2006

Many thanks to the AM VETS and other motorcycle riders for rolling-out in number this past Cruise Night. We have been told that you may be bringing more. All we can say is....."Bring it down & Bring it on"! Please, best behavior is requsted. Read more at.....

Off The Route 66 2 Wheel Rendezvous August 2006

Do you have a sweet street machine? Or a motorcycle you use for transportation or track-laden sport? If so, bring it down for a motorcycle show fund-raiser to benefit Various charitable organizations. Stay tuned!

Our dedication and preamble to the month of MAY, “MOTORCYCLE SAFETY

To Wear Gear or Not To Wear Gear.....A Fundamental Question

Motorcycle protective gear is a topic forever in discussion and may seem by some riders to be overplayed. This subject has been reignited as a result of a conversation that took place this past Thursday while speaking with a friend who has an affiliation with ABATE. An affiliation to what extent; A question left unasked and unanswered.

This conversation was with a friend named Mrs. H.. Open discussion and debate is healthy and highly encouraged. Done so, whether all are left in agreement or not. Simply, each rider will make a choice that may or may not, directly or indirectly impact his or her safety as well as the safety of others. Newton’s 3rd Law clearly seems to have applied itself here in this 2 wheel adaptation of action and reaction.

The helmet use issue was the apex of the discussion. Clearly, this topic goes directly to the root of our fundamental beliefs as a Democratic society and we motorcyclists. One based upon freedoms intermingled with laws or legislation for the people, by the people or in the better interest of the people. Rules that require choices that we all must make and deal with throughout our daily lives.

Before this goes any further, please be in clear and distinct understanding that this is not for or against ABATE, nor their beliefs and actions pursuant to their cause. A cause for which they have a constitutional guarantee to pursue. Whereas for us, this is all about rider safety, awareness and lawful processes that led to increases in rider safety, to include required helmet use. Although, not believed nor supported by those in opposition of this California rider requirement.

The mandatory Helmet Use Law currently in effect within the State of California was enacted through a lawful process. One as a result which came through actions of the general public as well as medical professionals in the concerns of rider fatalities and serious permanent injuries relative to head traumas sustained in motorcycling accidents.

We must remember that this law was passed in 1991 and implemented in 1992, some 14 years ago. Proponents to repeal this law include ABATE who have cited increased deaths involving motorcyclists while the mandatory helmet requirement remains in effect. Shall it be, that these increased incidents of deaths as well as permanent head traumas in relation to helmet use be made the focus of this increase in rider loss? Or shall we look at all factors in totality?

This issue is clearly mathematical as well as situational, accident by accident. The increase in such incidence are directly proportional and relevant to the increases in the total number of the state’s population. Although the numbers are approximations by using census numbers as well as census projections, this element or factor of several shall be named. Why should the helmet be deemed the “target” to this unwanted increase in rider loss?

For example, using a total population estimation for 1992, some 30,581,747 people in the State of California compared to 37,123,228 in estimation for this year, 2006. The difference in population alone as estimated, an increase by some 6,541,481 people. Of that number, an estimated 981,222 people became new drivers and riders operating upon our roadways. This increase demonstrated over a 14-year period, 1992 to 2006 respectively. Therefore, an increase in motorcycle deaths and serious head traumas related to accidents would be proportionate to the overall increase of vehicles upon our roadways. Again, one element or factor involving several points not just one.

Another element or factor would be the rider’s themselves. Recent studies have demonstrated that the highest number of such serious traffic incidence have involved riders over the age of 40 and riding motorcycles not considered “sport”machines. Moreover, riders of “sport” machines or “sportbikes” involved in serious incidence associated with street-related collisions, “canyon carving”, “stunting” as well as generalized horseplay and gross violator activities upon the public roadways should not go unnoticed. In addition, riders operating upon the roadways not following the rules of the road, riding machines above their individual riding skill, ability and experience and those operating their machine without rider safety course instruction or the proper operator endorsement.

Notwithstanding the above-identified factors, the machines of today are much more advanced in relation to horsepower-to-weight ratios and top-end speed capabilities for the “sport” type rides compared to those of just a decade ago. This advance is sweet but requires much more respect of the riders while upon the streets. Riders are attaining and sustaining higher speeds upon the public roadways. Not to disregard the middle-aged riders opting for the heavier and not as nimble cruisers that make part of these traffic incidents in total. Some of which are newbie riders or riders decades between rides.

The above-identified factors interlocked with the increased number of motorists is a distinctly strong catalyst for the noted increases in rider loss. For example, if a rider is going 80 miles an hour, broadsides another vehicle, goes airborne and dies as a result of such incident. Is the helmet use law suspect? What if a motorcyclist is forced from his or her lane by another motorist, the motorist’s action results in the crash and subsequent death of the motorcyclist. Is the helmet use law the cause?

Quite simply, NO. Clearly, accidents will occur. That is why they are called accidents. Now about your rider knowledge and experiences. Have you personally, been a party to or witnessed, in any capacity any such motorcycle accident that resulted in death or permanent impairment from a head trauma sustained by a rider not wearing a helmet? Ever witnessed a death of a motorcyclist wearing a helmet that was called to meet his or her maker regardless of the actual gear worn? Or any accident where the rider’s helmet truly saved his or her life and lessened permanent head injury as a result? Freedoms are precious but so is the bliss of common sense and the protection of life. Or is the disdain of this helmet use law requirement solely aesthetics cloaked under the veil of protected freedoms?

Freedoms should be fought for and protected. On this issue, our position is for the support of the helmet law clearly out of rider safety & awareness as well as public safety concerns. Helmets are a proven layer of protection. Proven upon the streets and through closed course activities across the country and around the world. A common sense choice versus one’s inability at all to enjoy our privilege to ride these wonderful machines. We all make our choices, whether under protected freedoms or specific intent to change certain abilities.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend ABATE for their persistence and dedication to their beliefs and direction. Moreover, for their love of motorcycling and the freedom to enjoy a form of transportation, recreation and sport that not everyone can take enjoyment in or fulfil a desire to do so. Motorcyclists.....We are the one-percenters!

In closing, we all must remember that driving, or in this case riding is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, do what you must to follow the law. If the mandatory helmet law is ever repealed, there clearly shall be a clear and discernable reason for such an action. Just as there was when enacting the legislation with justifiable reasons as written, approved through process and written into law.

God Bless America!

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