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I'll get a picture slapped up here in the morning.

I have a 1994 Ford F150 XLT in good condition that I would like to offer as trade for either an XB9R or XB12R. I will also consider an XB lightning but want an R. I will also consider other sport/tour/standard bikes.

Truck has:

130,000 miles
Good, glossy paint, two tone (white/teal)
Clean grey cloth interior
Bucket seats...plush
Extended cab
Topper, but not a pretty one...somewhat matches
Aftermarket 15" wheels with new 265 series tires
Power windows
Power locks
Adjustable seats (air)
COLD air conditioning
Pioneer CD player and good speakers all around
Good tint
Electronically actuated 4X4 (activations adn low range selections are button operated)
Wired for both styles of trailer lighting
Over-all a nice, clean truck.
New fluids, O2 sensor, and filters

Few minor problems:

Check engine light comes on from time to time. Dealer says it has something to do with the idle control valve, but tehy can't fix it...:rolleyes...they can't even really tell me what's wrong with it.

Cruise doesn't come on because I removed the ABS fuse. I hate ABS.

She's recently driven from Gruver, Texas, to Houston, Texas, with no trouble what so ever. She's been a good truck every time I needed her, I just don't need her anymore. She's spent the last 3 months nearly 100% untouched...I just warm her up once a week.

I'd like to keep the distance travelled to a minimum if possible, but this is the internet and that's not often likely...but someone willing to meet halfway and swap vehicles is a plus. To sell her out right would take $5000 even, including original wheels.

Please let em know if I left out a bit of information.

I also am always looking for beater bikes to restore...I like REALLY old standards, mostly...preferable 70's CB100's and similar. I have a number of firearms that I'd be interested in letting go for another project. Anything under $300.
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