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WTF is going on with this world?!?!

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I don't even know what to think about this! Is this psychological? Is it parental failure? WTF!! And threatening the other students with punishment if they didn't just accept it is outrageous!

Boy, 12, turns into girl | The Sun |News


Published: Today
A BOY aged 12 turned up at school as a GIRL - after changing sex during the summer holidays.
Teachers called an emergency assembly to order fellow pupils to treat him as female.

The lad, whose parents have changed his name to a girl's by deed poll, arrived in a dress with long hair in ribboned pigtails. He is preparing for sex-swap surgery.

Angry parents told yesterday how their kids were left tearful and confused after school staff announced the boy pupil was now a girl.

They said the head teacher should have informed them in advance of the "sex change" so they could prepare their sons and daughters and inform them about gender issues.

They added that the school's failure to do so had left the boy to suffer cruel taunts and bullying.

One mum said: "They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents.

"Maybe we could have explained sexual politics and encouraged our kids to be more sensitive if we'd had a chance to be involved."

Over the summer holidays his parents changed his name to a female one by deed poll. He is preparing to undergo hormone treatment and surgery - and could become the world's youngest sex-swap patient in the coming years.

The Sun knows his identity but will not reveal it. His mother told us last night: "We are committed to ensuring the very best for our child. We are working with other agencies to ensure our child's welfare is protected."

The 1,000-pupil school, in southern England, has given the lad a separate toilet and changing room in the sports hall.

It is understood he hoped his transformation would go unnoticed as he was starting secondary education and children stepping up from other primary schools would not recognise him.

But his former classmates at primary level DID spot the difference - and quickly spread the word.

The boy, who for years has told pals he yearns to be a girl, had to endure spiteful jibes and was asked by some kids: "Are you gay?"

Teachers stepped in with the emergency assembly, at which pupils were threatened with tough disciplinary action if they failed to treat him as a girl or use his new name. Some bewildered youngsters burst into tears.


The mum, whose daughter was a classmate of the lad at primary school, said: "She told me the pupil is already a target for bullying.

"And what has really upset the parents is that the school didn't see fit to send us a letter first so we could explain it to our children in our own way.

"Parents surely have a right to know when their children are being confronted with such sensitive issues as gender realignment at such a young age.

"They were simply told, 'You may notice one pupil is not present in this assembly - that is because the pupil is now a girl.'

"Kids are by nature immature and insensitive. It is not fair either for the child who is undergoing this change. The girl, as she now is, will go through hell because of how this has been handled."

The lad was absent from school yesterday because of the taunts.

His family, who live on a council estate, have received threats and are under police protection.

It is understood the head at his primary school insisted he was treated as a boy - and used male toilets - despite his frequent "girlie" behaviour.

He wore a bikini instead of trunks at swimming lessons, dried himself on Barbie towels, rode a pink scooter to school and wore pink ribbons in his hair.

But a source at the secondary school, who referred to the pupil in both genders, said: "His parents have accepted he has now chosen to be a girl, and that's how he will be. She has not come into school since the assembly. There were things that went on in the community which have been extremely upsetting for the family.

"It was a knock-on effect from what was said in school. So they can't let her come in for her own safety. We have no idea exactly when she will be coming back, but she WILL be back."

Transgender counsellor David Hawley last night paid tribute to the pupil's "strength of character".

He said: "It is very unusual for a child of that age to be that clear about what they want to do. She has had a lot of support from her parents. So I imagine she was comfortable with herself before going to school and now she is discovering it can be a nasty world, which is hard at that age."

Psychotherapist James Caspian said the child would not be allowed hormone treatment in the UK until passing puberty. Meanwhile he and the other kids would have to cope with the shockwaves caused by the switch.

Mr Caspian said: "These children are old enough to have picked up a lot of taboos from society."

German Kim Petras - born Tim - became the world's youngest transsexual at 16 earlier this year.
And why should all the other parents be expected to discuss "sexual politics" with their kids? When I was 12 the only political matter I had to worry about was whether or not I could play on the Mayor McCheese toy at McDonalds.
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Gender reassignment (for male-to-female), if it is to be done, should be done as early as possible--before male hormones have a chance to deepen the voice and make other changes.
The thing is though, no matter how badly they want(ed) to be a girl, they are not girls! They dress like girls, they act like girls, they had their dicks removed/rebuilt to imitate labia, and someday they may even get fake boobs. But its still all fake. Their genetic makeup is still male. They just wear the most expensive, elaborate, and permanent disguise money can buy. But they're still not girls, they're transgendered-males!
You understanding of biology and physiology is, well, minimal.

Firstly, you are not merely a gene. You have an entire phenotype (look it up) which is the result of your genetic makeup and many other factors.

Your statements are as ignorant as claiming that a person with Klinefelter's syndrome must be both a male and a female. But it's not that simple.

You're basing your decision that that must be male only only one factor: genetic. You're ignoring other important factors such as development and, specifically, brain function.
What about this chick?

kim petras - Google Images
Ok, I'll admit I'm no expert. But do you think a 12 year old will have a comfortable grasp on that concept as well as the many other that come with such a dramatic change?
All a 12-year-old has to has a grasp of is whether he wants to do dudes or chicks. If you haven't figured that out by 12, then you're doomed.

The cool thing about humans is that we have these things called "parents" who can take care of the decision making which requires more experience. In this case, the parents were smart enough to know that early gender reassignment is far less likely to result in a freakish demeanor and teasing than it would when done later in life.

It's not like parents don't already get to choose to mutilate their children via circumcision. Helping your child so that their outside matches their inside will result in less suffering in the long run.
Ya, I've read about little Timmy. Same thing, too young to make that kind of decision.
But the parents aren't.
Additionally, who cares about being "too young to make that decision?" So what? What's the difference between a gay guy who gets gender reassignment at a young age and a girl who was simply female inside and out to start with? Is the one who got reassignment somehow significantly worse off as an adult as a result of the surgery?
We would have handled it totally different in school when I was younger. He would have gotten the girl kicked out of him every day until he realized he was a boy. At 12 he can still be guided by his parents as to what is right.

The problem is in this day of emos and effeminate boys it is no wonder that everything is acceptable. Boys need to grow some nuts and become men. Not hide behind their emotions and be sensitive and crap.
Yeah, back in those days they wouldn't be all sensitive toward kids with Down Syndrome, either. They'd just kick the stupid out of them until they got smart!

Apparently, you didn't get kicked enough.
So now being gay is a disability??
Being gay is something you can't control--just like being straight or just like a disability.

Please note that there is a difference between being something and acting. Plenty of gay people act straight so as to avoid persecution.
Completely disagree with this. Gay people are not segregated. They get to vote along with everyone else without bullshit laws trying to prevent them doing so. They have all the same rights as everyone else.
There isn't one. But then, mental retardation has been around for forever as well and they also get treated like crap.
Yes, but mostly by people who are only slightly less retarded than they are. What does that say about our little family of homophobes?
Since a sex change operation only makes a cosmetic vagina, and she'll never ovulate, have children, etc., I imagine that if for whatever reason she never tells a future partner, they may pick up on it along the way.
Naturally-born women sometimes also can't do those things.
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