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Ok, I need lots of stuff. I do not need minty stuff as long as it is usable. It is all for an 05 GSXR 600. If you have parts that you are looking to get rid of that are not listed here let me know because I may still pick them up. Also, if you know that your parts are the same as an 04/05 gsxr let me know.

04/05 Tail plastic. If it is cracked and scuffed that is better because it is cheaper. As long as it is not missing large pieces I want it.

04/05 Upper plastic. Same requirements as the tail.

01-05 Rearsets and pegs. Whatever you have, as long as they are not bent. If onw piece is bent I will take the other. Rash is ok.

04/05 Clipons. Must be in good condition. I am not sure if other years are the same but if you know otherwise please speak up.

04/05 Rear subframe crossbar. This is the bar that bolts between the two halfs that has the loop that the rear seat hooks into.

04/05 Fuel tank. Depends on how large the dents are.

04/05 Exhaust. I need the full system or at least pieces of it.

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2003 GSXR600 plastics

I have all kinds of plastics for a 2003 GSXR600 (blk/red). If you can use these or want pictures email me at [email protected] or call (276) 889-1917 or (276) 608-7519. I can let you know exactly what I have that you need. I also have stock exhausts for GSXR 600 and GSXR1000, brand new. If your interested let me know and we can negotiate a price and I can see what other parts I have in garage. Thanks

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I am parting out three GSXR-600's, two 2005's and a 2004.
I am also parting out a 2004 GSXR-750.
Shoot me an e-mail with all the parts you need and I'll get back with pictures and prices of everthing I have that you need.
Talk to you soon.
MDG Racing
(805) 474-5850 (shop)
(805) 404-4191 (cell)
[email protected]
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