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Would you buy this bike

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for that price HELL YEAAA
I'd never buy anything off ebay that uses keywords in the title to help them pimp the add better.

1992 FZR 1000 145 BHP, NOT R1, R6, YZF, CBR, GSXR
So now, everyone wanting to find a CBR will get this yahoo's ad in their face. I can't stand that crap. As soon as I see it I close the browser window.
It is a pathetic cry for attention. hell if you are shopping for an FZR1000, you will type "FZR1000", if you are looking for an R1, you type "R1". It's not like you are going to see their ad, and magically change your mind real quick.
damn good price for that kind of bike i think. anyone know off hand how much this bike weighs. im kinda interested , but not if its a tank.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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