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A guy goes into a whore house. He hasn't been layed in almost a year, has no job, and very little money.

Talks to the guy upfront, tells him his story, and how he only has $5.

The pimp says, "Don't worry man. I got ya covered, go upstairs, 3rd door to your right.." The guy says "Alright thanks!" pays the pimp his money, and the pimp gives him the door key. Before he goes upstairs, the pimp says to him "Just don't turn on the lights, she doesn't like that."

The guy figured "Hey, she's probably a little homely, but it's all good.. for $5.. pussy is pussy.."

So our guy walks upstairs, goes to the third door on the right. He opens the door and the room is very dim. He walks in a little closer and notices a BEAUTIFUL girl laying on the bed, totally naked.

He thinks to himself "HOLY SHIT!!" strips totally naked and starts fucking the hell out of this girl.

The guy is ontop, laying on her, and humping like a madman.. finally he nuts inside her. "AHHHHHH YES" he exclaims loudly.. It was so amazing for this poor horney man, that he decides this poor girl needs a kiss, since he only got her $5.

He bends down to kiss her, and notices somthing white and creamy comming out of her eyes.. and nose.. and her mouth!!!

"WHAT THE FUCK!!" he screams at the top of his lungs. And the pimp runs upstairs to see what's going on. The guy is like "I didn't do it man! I swear i didn't hurt her, I just came and went to kiss her and it started happenin!!"

The pimp shouts loudly...

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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