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In a case like this, you would first want to check all of your fuses, connections and wires. the obvious is usually the answer. If you check this and it doesnt work, it is most likely a relay. I have come across this problems a hundred times at our shop. every bike has a relay which handles inputs from different sensors on your bike like the neutral switch, sidestand switch, etc, and if any of them are going off, signal the bike not to run. chances are you had a power surge that blew a diode in your relay. you will need to replace the relay unless you're able to replace just the diode. you might want to figure out why the surge happened, and make sure if it was something you unhooked, hooked up, disconnected, added on, etc, that you dont do it again. and make sure the battery is the last thing you hook up once your done, to avoid surges.
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