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Women’s Sportbike Rally (WSR), the only annual female-focused sportbike road rally in the world, announced big changes in conjunction with the 2020 schedule today. In celebration of the growing number of women riders in North America, and the steady growth of attendees over the organization’s 15 year history, the WSR is expanding its footprint. Four rallies will be held in 2020 in three new locations, with the fourth and final event returning to Deals Gap, home to the original Rally since WSR’s inception in 2006. Event locations include:
Daily News

WSR NorCal: Petaluma, California – June 26 to 28
WSR SoCal: Temecula, California – July 24 to 26
WSR Mid-Atlantic: Winchester, Virginia – September 4 to 7
WSR Deals Gap: Deals Gap, North Carolina – September 11 to 13
The increased number of rallies will enable WSR to reach women in geographic areas previously encumbered by distance. Their goal is to allow more of these “expansion” events each year, with women riders in new locations stepping up to host an event in their hometowns. Simultaneously, this expansion plan will enable WSR to stay true to its creed by keeping the gatherings intimate and personal.
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