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I put in a pair of thin 3" strobes on either side of my taillight (away from the bulbs; F3s have an empty spot on either side of them), hooked the ground wires to the battery and the positive to the fuse for the headlight, so they only come on with the key in the ignition.

The fuse is 10A, the strobes have a separate module each, with its own pair of wires so that's two ground wires going into the battery terminal, and two positive wires spliced into the one going into the fuse terminal.

Do you guys see any problem with this setup? Pulling the wire out of the fuse box will be no big deal, and I won't be riding tonight (nonstop rain!) so I have time to undo this if it could lead to trouble.

Should I put in a higher amp fuse now that it has a b***** load? The strobes only flash twice per second, if that matters at all. Should I put in an inline fuse on the power wire for the strobes?

Everything is working fine right now, and looks great - the cagers will have a better chance of seeing me now (I hope).

As an aside, while I was working on the fuse box, I modified a latex medical glove by cutting the fingers off and taping the cut end with electrical tape, then put that over the fuse box as a waterproof "sock" of sorts. I was having trouble with one fuse burning out everytime it rains hard (I ride everyday) and I can see how the box could be getting wet. If it's not that then at least I've eliminated that possibility. The fuse that blows controls my gauges, taillight, signals and horn - it's pretty important!
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