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Wassup, Hey I was at a Cirlcle-K, sunday and this guy n truck w/ beautiful lady. now as they was about to pull of he asked me what size was it and I told him. He ask me Do I need a windshield for or do I need anything for it ( one of the two) anyways I told him and he looked at my shirt and thiught I worked at publix. I said no and told him where. then he ask me do i need a shield for my bike and i said yes, clear or smoke it don't matter.. .. etc.. but anysways gave him phone number and name but Hell I forgot to get his...:bitchslap.... I just dropped this in here to see if he was around.... Now the truck he was driving was A Gray F_150 or F-250. It had about a 4inch lift on wheels and about a 2-3 on body. toolbox on rear.. The Lady blond and nice. Hell I didn't get his name or number maybe someone might know him and hit me up on a pm.:google:google. THNKS
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