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18 Hours to Daytona
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Just had to mention that the blue bonnets are just starting to come out at Willow City Loop. I took the wife out yesterday just to check.

Even though it's very pretty out there, I can't really recommend the loop for sportbikes, as the going is quite slow and I imagine even worse on the weekends. The road quality wasn't shabby, but not typical Texas highway smooth either.

Sorry, no pics (of the ride at this time) either :brick
I did grab a few at Enchanted Rock, but I've not downloaded them yet.

On the other hand, the other parts of the ride were pretty good: From US 281 to 1323 west. Then Tx 16 North (without "completing" the loop) to 965 South, passing Enchanted Rock State Park. Ride into Fredricksburg for wine tasting and dinner and then home again via US 290. Normally, I avoid 290, but I got to see just how many wineries there are (nearly a dozen) east of Fredricksburg on just that road! Wow!
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