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Why so dead?

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Cuz Humpy and I said so. Actually I took 2 weeks off for a vacation. Spent a few entertaining days hanging with Humpy in which I got my cherry popped on a quad.

Headed up to Des Moines for 2 days to hang with the folks. Them squids up there don't know what gear is do they?

Then off to Minneapolis for a night then off to Aitkin MN for 5 days. The woman's parents have a cabin 15 miles outside Aitkin. No internet, no phone, basically none of you fuckers. But we caught fish, much more important, and had alcohol which, in this case, wasn't better but a fine dessert after fishing.

Keep in mind I've been to their cabin roughly 7 times over the past 10 years and fishing has never been like this. The last pic, the 2 on the left are decent sized keepers for eating. We ended up with 7 of the right 4 that day with the largest being 32" (pick #1 with the goofy hat). Very good day to say the least.


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awesome pics - so i'm guessing you've recovered from your quad experience.... :neener

glad you guys were able to stay as long as you did - hopefully i'll be able to come down in November :beer

ps - Bandit misses his buddies...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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