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Who Rides in Michigan, and Were Do You Do It At??

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I'm in Lansing. There aren't a TON of good roads out this way.

Where does everyone else ride at, and do you know of any really good roads near you?
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UP VFR said:
Iron Mountain or Green Bay...i just went through I.M. a couple weeks ago...remember that one day that is was nice enough to ride up here???

here is a pretty decent site to find some good roads on

I live in Iron Mountain and have a apt in Green Bay, but I never go to the apt anymore !!!
Cinco said:
Ha Ha! At least you had the balls to post the crash as well as the riding! I went to grattan for a track day this summer. My first track day, and yes I can not wait to go back! So much fun, and so little other distractions so you can really learn to feel out your bike and what you can do, or cant do! I am thinking of just setting one bike up for track days only. No sense in screwing up my daily rider. Plus pulling all the tape off my lights sucks.

I made it out to thundebird one Thursday just to check it out. Was fun to watch those guys. Gotta make it on weds with the bike ready to "run" and have some fun.

from that crash my bike just barrel rolled to a stop it looked like it didnt slide a inch but i broke both clip ons my subframe was about 5 inches off
so i went to race body work
went back and wadded my 3rd lap into the day and broke my fairing stay i drilled some holes into it gave it zip tie stiches oh and i spranged my thumb and finished the day off but there is not anything funner than the track
I live in the Hartland/Howell area, I'll usually make a run down by the GM proving grounds, lots of good twisties out there. And then I'll sneak a quick peek inside the grounds. :) just kidding
greatlakesfz6 said:
48315? I'm 48317 so we're neighbors. I've been riding around here for the past 13 years and your best bet IMHO is North on Romeo Plank to Armada Center (go East about 1/2 mile), then North on Capac Rd. Take that North for 10 miles or so and you'll start to see some pretty nice roads.
Also, try Orion Rd. up to Silverbell - go right on silverbell for say 5-10 miles and you'll run into some nice roads in that neck of the woods.
One more, take Rochester road North all the way to Lakeville. You'll run into Lakeville lake, but before you do, you'll run through some decent twisty's, and there are plenty more in and around that area.
I go out to Grattan raceway about 6 times per year to get my fill of the track. It's about 2 1/2 hours from Shelby and $ 150 per day. Believe me it's worth it. Track riding ruins you for any "twisty's" you'll find on public roads. It's the ultimate riding experience, I highly recommend it.

I live just north of Lakeville in Leonard, and he's right my favorite turns are just north of me.

On Romeo rd(32 Mile). Watch yourself on the twisties between Mound and Dequinder, lot's of gravel trains and idiots throw rocks up on to those turns. :mad:
Newbie to the fourm, live and ride around the Mount Pleasant area, nothing but flat straight roads around here, if I go a little west of town there are some decent roads but nothing worth making a trip to ride
The riding up at Cross Village is awesome also the back roads south of Munising, very good .
we ride mostly in Flint area.. but we go to Detroit, Howell, Lansing, Ann Arbour, Port Huron we RIDE!!

Like the twisties and the flat country road for mile long wheelies!! :lol
Hey wangsta, there any weekly gatherings up there in Flint during the summer?
Hey pickle....maybe you guys can meet up with the WOS guys that are still riding. :)
i used to go to school in Ann Arbor, i dont remember there being any twisites around ever!!! :lol [email protected] michigan :D
Anybody else live in brighton?
I ride mostly in the Detroit area. Royal Oak on thursdays is cool if you like to park your bike and look cool by Or Fudrucker's on Jefferson in the D on the weekends. Beware Royal Oak cops suck! There's a sportbike rally in South Carolina(in the mountains) at the end of April.
i ride mostly in saint clair county, anywhere from algonac to port huron. riding by the river is ok, nothing special. other than that everything is straight.. :rolleyes
It's fun until those fishflies are in season. I learned the hard way. Damn near wrecked because the road was slick.
Odog said:
It's fun until those fishflies are in season. I learned the hard way. Damn near wrecked because the road was slick.
heard that. those things are scary enough in my car! plus the smell of millions of dead fishflies is enough to keep you off the road...
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