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greatlakesfz6 said:
48315? I'm 48317 so we're neighbors. I've been riding around here for the past 13 years and your best bet IMHO is North on Romeo Plank to Armada Center (go East about 1/2 mile), then North on Capac Rd. Take that North for 10 miles or so and you'll start to see some pretty nice roads.
Also, try Orion Rd. up to Silverbell - go right on silverbell for say 5-10 miles and you'll run into some nice roads in that neck of the woods.
One more, take Rochester road North all the way to Lakeville. You'll run into Lakeville lake, but before you do, you'll run through some decent twisty's, and there are plenty more in and around that area.
I go out to Grattan raceway about 6 times per year to get my fill of the track. It's about 2 1/2 hours from Shelby and $ 150 per day. Believe me it's worth it. Track riding ruins you for any "twisty's" you'll find on public roads. It's the ultimate riding experience, I highly recommend it.

I live just north of Lakeville in Leonard, and he's right my favorite turns are just north of me.

On Romeo rd(32 Mile). Watch yourself on the twisties between Mound and Dequinder, lot's of gravel trains and idiots throw rocks up on to those turns. :mad:
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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