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Who Rides in Michigan, and Were Do You Do It At??

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I'm in Lansing. There aren't a TON of good roads out this way.

Where does everyone else ride at, and do you know of any really good roads near you?
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I live in Whitehall, near Muskegon, right on Lk. Michigan. I generally ride along the lake, north and south of here. Otherwise there's some decent roads out near newaygo, but that's about all I know. I need to get down to Lansing more often, my main riding partner moved there.
Frickin cops suck everywhere.

And summer would be much better with way fewer cold days. We should plan some kind of meeting for all the people over on the western side of the state.

Post up if you've got any interest.
Thunderbird is 12 miles North of Muskegon just off 31. Take the Russell Rd. exit and turn rt (if you were just headed north). Then at the first stop light take a left and the track will be on the right after you go under 31.

No racing on Thursdays, just stunting I believe. They have open runs on Wed. nights from 4-8. $15 for all the passes you can make.

Let me know if you head over, I'll check it out with ya!

Yeah, I don't really have any open nights either, so I'm glad you said that!!
1 - 4 of 55 Posts
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