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Who Rides in Michigan, and Were Do You Do It At??

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I'm in Lansing. There aren't a TON of good roads out this way.

Where does everyone else ride at, and do you know of any really good roads near you?
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kangaroooski said:
I live in Brighton, MI and mostly ride out near Hell, Stockbridge, and north of Jackson. Anyone riding in Lansing just needs to head out to the southeast. Lots of twisty roads and most of them are in pretty good shape.
ive been around there a couple of times, some decent roads.
Jake said:
I'll be visiting my brother up in Cheboygan next week. Anyone know if there are any goods roads up there to ride?
find anything good....

my cousins used to live up in traverse City, so i used to go up there alot, but it was before i had a bike.... i remember some roads that would be killer to get a bike on.
i would meet up for something
pickle.of.doom said:
People still hang out at the bricks in E. Lansing? If so, what nights?
not sure, i used to see them alot a while ago, but i havent been around EL too much lately
1 - 4 of 55 Posts
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