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Who Rides in Michigan, and Were Do You Do It At??

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I'm in Lansing. There aren't a TON of good roads out this way.

Where does everyone else ride at, and do you know of any really good roads near you?
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I ride all around W MI. Good roads? Depends on what you mean. My new nearby favorite is Blue Star Highway. From Saugatuck down to St Joseph. I am also crazy aout the roads south of Hastings and North of Kzoo. Some great bar crankers around there.
If you try and follow the Muskegon river from Norton Shores area up to Newaygo you will find some great turns as well. I can disappear and run them for a couple hours and have a great time. Gotta watch for some sand and teh Amish buggies! Real close to my house so I am not driving for an hour just to go riding. See ya round

Is it all tricks or is there some racing? I dont do too much in the trix dept, just kinda go fast. I do have a couple guys that might be interested in coming over to race. Classes? Brackets? Grudge matches? whats the story?!

Yes, you have some yum yums on there.

Why are the cuties attracted to the squidly, no gear wearin, just got out of Vo-tech, ride like a hoodlum, but can do a stoppie, spent my paycheck on cool graphics, types.
wheres thunderbird?

Hey where is that? cant find it on any searches except some track in TX. Talked with a guy that, well, I think I wanna go try and spank his azz. Says he outruns everyone out there and has thousands upon thousands of $ into his bike. I'm pretty sure he is American Native, and belongs to the shitawka tribe.

So wheres it at?
Thanks man. Unfortunately I dotn have a free Weds night until the 15th right now. Maybe then, I will get back with you!
Ha Ha! At least you had the balls to post the crash as well as the riding! I went to grattan for a track day this summer. My first track day, and yes I can not wait to go back! So much fun, and so little other distractions so you can really learn to feel out your bike and what you can do, or cant do! I am thinking of just setting one bike up for track days only. No sense in screwing up my daily rider. Plus pulling all the tape off my lights sucks.

I made it out to thundebird one Thursday just to check it out. Was fun to watch those guys. Gotta make it on weds with the bike ready to "run" and have some fun.
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