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Who Rides in Michigan, and Were Do You Do It At??

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I'm in Lansing. There aren't a TON of good roads out this way.

Where does everyone else ride at, and do you know of any really good roads near you?
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Yoopers unite!

20R602 said:
Iron Mountain !!! Not by any of you it sucks riding by my selfe !!!!
I was in Iron Mountain back in the day. I was on an interceptor back then. Wow the memories in that place, ski jump, Lake Antoine (sp?)

I know memories are always sweeter than reality and get warped over the years, but..... I remember Morgan County Park Rd. Followed some creek or river. I think it was just out of town or just into WI?? It was soooo damn twisty. I popped my knee draggin' cherry on that road! Met a big damn orange county truck and just about gave him a hood ornament. We both shit, swerved and barely missed. Phew!
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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