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Cliff's Notes:

Had a bad experience with White's Pit Stop. Ordered bulbs, didn't even get billed for a week. Billed after I called them, which seemed suspicious. Waited another week and a half, no package until I emailed them, and then, oddly enough once again, package shipped the next day. Never received any email notifying of a delay or backorder, and they spent a total of 4 seconds on their apology email. Terrible customer service, and terrible service period.

Well, unfortunately, I did not have a good experience with these guys. I was pleased to find that they were the only vendor I've seen at this point with such high wattage headlamps. They have 100/130w H4 bulbs. They are a bit pricey at about 20 a piece plus shipping, but those prices are not unheard-of. I decided to go ahead and try a set out since I am running the yellow film on my lenses now. I wanted to get rid of the blue-tinted "superwhites" because I was filtering two colors, so I wanted either a yellow or clear high wattage bulb.

I believe they lost my order, not once, but twice. About a week after ordering, not hearing from them, and not even seeing a charge on my debit card, I called customer service to see if they charged the wrong account, or if they simply didn't charge until shipment, and they had not shipped the bulbs. In either case, I was not particularly pleased, but the guy assured me that the bulbs would be shipped out either that day, or the following. Sure enough, my card was charged shortly thereafter. He said they have been doing inventory and just got done and he had a huge stack of orders. Fair enough. I could have used a notification, but I understood. A good 10 days after being billed, I had not heard from them since my first phone call, and still had no bulbs. I emailed them, and the next day they apologized for the delay and said the bulbs had been shipped, and gave me the tracking number per my request. Ironic that they took action immediately after hearing from me both times. Almost as if they had lost the order. So anyway, I never received any email mention a delay or backorder, or anything like that. The only info I ever received was following my inquiry, and even then it seemed suspicious that they just happened to ship right after I emailed them. With all of the screw-ups, I would expect more than a two-line email with a quick apology for the delay and the inclusion of a tracking number. No explanation at all?

Basically, I don't care how rare these bulbs are. I would never do business with White's again, simply due to their crappy business practices. I mean, it is standard procedure to notify a customer of delays and backorder situations. I would have been fine waiting, but I like to know what is going on. I just sat here waiting for UPS for a week, and they never came. What if I needed these in a hurry to pass inspection or something like that? I would have had to have bought a secondary pair of bulbs while I waited to find out what the hell happened to the $50 set. WTF mate?
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