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Okay....Maryland Riders!!:

There are a couple good roads in the Area. Anyone who's familiar with the "Resevior dogs" (VW enthusiasts club) probably know about the dulaney valley road area....Loch Raven Resevior....and it's crazy roads up there. Directions:

Take 695 up to PROVIDENCE ROAD exit.
Off the ramp, head north on providence for about Ten minutes
You will come to a STOP SIGN at the bottom of a long hill, where is the Reservoir entrance.
You can now make a left or right based on:
If it is winter (around 3pm) the gates are closed to your left, so make a right and wind your way over to the top of the dam and look for the V-Dubs.
If it is one of the nicer warmer months it is probably after 5pm, so swing a left, follow around and you will cross a bridge, then look out for the V-Dubs all around you.

Usually a meet around 5pm in good weather at "the pines" on Sundays.

This is usually a HUGE number of VW's, but all their biker friends show up too, and the road is an awesome ride....Just make sure you cruise the road once or twice FIRST and get used to's Northern Maryland's version of the Dragon at Deals gap. I'll post more when I find 'em....
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