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It's time to gear up and explore a new place on your motorcycle. Don't let the lack of storage keep you from going where you really want to go on your motorcycle. Grab some OGIO bags at and get going!!!

So tell us, where would you ride if time wasn't an issue???

OGIO Saddle Bags

Price: $129.99

Product Description:

-Heat-resistant silicone impregnated bottoms.

-Dual-zipper wide-mouth openings.

-Easy attach web mounting system.

-Textured Neoprene pad for paint protection.

-Two molded side pockets.

-220 cubic inches of expansion volume on each side.

-Top organizer pocket.

-Integrated rain hood.

-Dimensions: 10.5''H x 15''W x 8''D (11''D Expanded).

-Capacity: 1344 cubic inches / 22 liters (1848 cubic inches / 30.3 liters, expanded).

-Weight: 2.6 pounds / 1.8 kg.

Of course when going on a long road trip make sure you wear the proper motorcycle safety equipment before you head out, this will add comfort and make your trip much more enjoyable!

It might even be a good idea to check out this motorcycle safety awareness planner to refresh yourself before the long ride!!!

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Anywhere, right about now! This is the longest time I have gone without riding in almost 10 years. Six weeks! :pms :whiteflag
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