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Where is Everyone? (Richmond, VA)

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damn this place is dead since the crash! where are hell is everyone? i KNOW that y'all ain't out riding either! it's been raining like a sonofabitch for the past 2 weeks!
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I'm here, but it is definitely dead around here
before the "Great Crash" there was at least 20 or so people wandering around here, but i have no clue where they all went.
What crash are you refering to ?
when fred was working on the site and it crashed and then he had to reboot it. not dogging him for it or anything. shit like that happens.
Ok I understand now. Sorry.. Not always the fastest to catch on.
it's kinda sad how we pale in comparison to some of the groups on here from like south fla and kansas city and some other places. too bad we can't get together and do some group riding.
I'm in VA as well!
I'm just posting cuz no one else does; VA is DEAD!
is it just me, or does every turn in the richmond area have sand in it? i have almost wrecked like 3 times in the past few months because of sand in the road!
If it snows here they sand it HEAVY! NO ONE in the west end can drive (I don't know where you are)! Their bad enough if it's dry! They usually don't clean the roads!
actally, most of the happenings have been on southside. i live off of parham (chelsea square apts). a few have been on riverside drive (not a safe road anyways) and recently on old gun road. SAND! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN ROAD!!! AND YOU WOULD THINK THAT AFER ALL THE FUCKING RAIN WE'VE HAD IT WOULDN'T BE THERE!!! *rant over*
You live like 5-10 miles from me. I haven't been to old gun in a while... Well there's work going on in that are too(construction). General rule; if you can see the river your to close to it; the river is a huge sand trap! Well I'm waiting for parts for the old trusty FizZeR, so I'm grounded for now atleast.
Well I figured out why Richmonders avoids you Cookhj! Occupation: Professional :leghump! I just read your profile :eek: ! HAHA! I'm like the only completely sober rider who is also law abidding in VA, so thats why I don't vanish as well! :lol No disrespect; I'm just having a good laugh!
i'm not a beat cop, so i'm not gonna give nobody a ticket. hell, i still have a learner's. i've just been too damn lazy to go to the DMV. hell, i actually had to renew my learner's because i let it expire.
Livin' on the edge! It's all I said it was just a joke.
i know. my friends fuck with me all the time. no biggie.
My parts came in today!!!
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